Friday, March 27, 2009

Oue Preparations For Earth Hour 2009

I came to know about Earth Hour few weeks ago from Cath’s Blog. It is a global WWF Climate Change Awareness Campaign urging people all around the world to show support of action for climate change by turning out our lights (unessential lights) for 1 hour, on the 28th March (Saturuday), 2009 at 8.30pm local time. This is an annual and global event which trying to influence people’s attitude towards energy consumption (carbon reduction) and it’s impact on the planet. This event has been carried out very successfully and this year 2009, it aims to reach out to 1 billion people around 1000 cities including Malaysia where a lot of individual, bodies and huge companies naming a few such as our famous landmark

• PETRONAS Twin Towers (KLCC), Dataran Merdeka,
• shopping centers such as 1 U & Mid Valley & The Curve at Selangor,
• up north to Penang Bridge,
• down south to Aeon Bukit Indah Johor,
• retails such as Starbucks & Jusco & Tesco all around the country,
• Starhills, Genting, Sunway Group, IOI group etc
• Various Banks & Universities & Hotels , .....etc
• and many more (the list is sooooooo long),

all will be joining hand in hand to show supports for Earth Hour. This should be a very huge event and I am glad we as Malaysian will be able to show our concern and support towards this meaningful plead by WWF for climate change around the world.

More information can be found at here

I am so anxious to participate in this event myself as well and also registered to become a member with the organisation. I will switch off all my house lights, computer, TV and all the non essential lightings and electrical appliances in my house for an hour. But in order not to frighten Angel in a total darkness in the house, I have prepared for these ….

Candles …… that’s the only way I can participate with a young toddler at home :P

According to the Champaign, if I were to use candles, I am suppose to use100% beeswax or soy candle which are smoke free, non-toxic, non allergenic and made with natural product and effectively carbon neutral (the CO2 they emit has already been taken from the atmosphere to produce the wax) but I am not sure whether the candles which I bought fit into the categories but it’s stated 'Smoke Free' though. Ah well …. I will stick with these candles since I have already bought them :)

So lets support Earth Hour in fighting global warming with the switches in our house!! I hope that Angel will not mistaken it for her birthday 'again' when I switch off the lights :P Who else is participating?


Kristie said...

sorry not participating in it... I agree with the minority, it is a publicity stunt. I do my part in switching off lights/fans/computer when I am not using it. Long term counts more than just one day!


MommyAngel said...

Kristie, glad that you are doing your part in your normal daily life already, I think it definitely means more then just doing it for a day for sure!! Well done girl and I shall work towards that goal too from this day onwards.

No matter it’s a public stunt or not, I do hope that this event will mark a good start (hopefully) for some of us that really didn’t aware of anything call “global warming / climate change’ other then ‘jimat our household electricity bills’ coz the long term effects of continuous wastage of energy will lead to damages which beyond our imaginations. Sometimes to make the PUBLIC aware of this matters (especially those big corporate, no doing for free or not doing for sit-pun (rugi) business ......), some sort of extravagant / publicity (no doubt about that) is necessary but no matter how they want to do it, as long as it reaches out to more ppl in the world, getting more ppl to minimized the unnecessary usage of electricity even for just an hour and creating more debate on how to work for constant climate change in the world (either pro or con), I think at the end, it has achieved it’s initial goal - as to create an AWARENESS in big scale and also HOW everyone of us could do / help in minimizing the damages done to our mother earth.

We might not do it the WWF way, but somehow, we will do it our own way, just like what you did. Well done Kristie :)

Kristie said...

caroline, totally agree with u and i am glad that you are not just one of the millions that are doing this cause it's so called an 'in' thing for that day and wouldnt want to be left out!

i just hope that after 9.30pm tomorrow, these NGOs, celebrity figures and more have achieved their goal- which is they have created awareness on global warming. It will be sad if people celebrate and party after the celebration (consuming more power) and totally forget abt global warming the next day.

Sorry no offence to anyone who are supporting Earth Hour tomorrow.

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm supporting this event but I hope Gwen would not freak out when we are in total darkness..haha.

By the way, I have a tag for ya:

MeRy said...

Ehm...I guess I won't be joining it coz frankly speaking I m scared of darkness and also Ryan.

Merryn said...

i'm all into this n i dont need candles at all.. for i'll be lost somewhere in kl street trying to catch the world going into darkness.. hehehehe..

Lemonjude said...

I will be participating in this event to show my support to Earth Hour. Candles is ready on my table...I'm so excited to see the darkness now..

MommyAngel said...

Kristie, oh …. I do hope that there will be no big party with all the fancy lightings, music, party crackers, etc after the earth hour or else, it really doesn’t serve for this campaign la. Thanks for sharing your opinion here Kristie, I really do appreciate it so much :)

Mummy Gwen, doesn’t have to be in total darkness if Gwen feels not comfortable in it. Hhhhmmm…. Who knows she will be more ‘happy’ then you seeing the lights off leh :)

Mery, oh …. You are afraid of darkness ah? Then nevermind la, this is just a campaign so if on normal days we try to save energy consumptions at home, you’ve done your part more then enough then just showing support for this 1 hour la ;)

Merryn, Really?? Try capture some picture where the entire KL is in darkness ya!! Can’t wait to see the picture as I won’t be able to see it myself here :) Don’t worry, and don’t turn out your car lights and drive in darkness ya ;P

Judy, oh …. Can’t wait too. Let do this together!! For Earth Hour!! For climate change!! For global worming!! And for our next generations!!

Esmeralda said...

Can't participate too coz we are out for a dinner that time. Agreed with Kristie that long term effects counts, which we always do - switch of unneccessary appliances.

So how did Angel take the darkness? 2 days ago there's a power cut here for 3 hours!!! and the moment all lights went off, Ashton cried!!! I can't imagine him being so tough, yet cried at darkness?

Well, during the Earth Hour, most lights here in KK are still switched on, but I saw 1 cafe that used candles... well, of coz normal candles, but what matters is the effort from them...

Kristie said...

guess what? there was a power cut this morning for almost 1hr+... i guess all the residents in my neighbourhood must be thinking: huh? TNB delayed its earth hour! haha...

u are welcome dear, i am glad to speak openly with u too.

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, Hahahaha …. Actually KK is an environmental friendly state since long ago coz always having ‘earth hour’ almost every month, agree??? Kekekekeke ….. poor Ashton, if lights went out suddenly I would scream my lungs out too wondering what happened coz suddenly can’t see a thing :) We light up our candles so Angel is pretty ok with it.
- oh …. So sad that KK don’t really participate in earth hours ya, I wonder why?

Kristie, Hahahaha … really ah? Then TNB really is quite supporting to earth hour leh, kekekekeke ….. but that earth hour is not the same as our earth hour coz with ours, still manage to enjoy the fan but the TNB one totally steaming sauna at home :)

Kristie said...

ya lah... luckily the air con left in the room still kept the room cool... and glad power came back before our patience ran out!

Esmeralda said...

Hehe... agreed... we sort of got used to "earth hour" long time liao - I totally forgot about that lei... I can say sometimes few times a month lei..

Yeah... I got lots of replies from the "rich & famous tai-tai" here coz we were having dinner that time... I was casually telling them "too bad can't participate in the earth hour thingy" and I got the replies:
- "What for? Why wanna suffer? It's not that we dun have money to pay for the bills!!! I usually dun switch off the air-cond even though I'm out. What can the SESB (or TNB) do to me? I paid them!"
- "Crazy ah?"
- "Wanna safe, ask SESB (or TNB) to safe lar, Not our business!"
- "Who cares? Don't be a fool lar!"

I was so angry with the first reply. So what if we were rich? Can't we safe for our future generation?

MommyAngel said...

Kristie, But TNB in KL is consider better lo …. You should see in Sabah, earth hour is always on the go every month :)

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, ya la … but I think Sabahan is used to with no electrical power already la, with all the touch lights and rechargeable fan every ready :P

You always go dinner with those rich and famous tai-tai ah? Wow ….. !! But really enjoy the way they talk leh, hahahaha …. I didn’t hear ppl talking like that for very long time liao :) :) Ah …. They got $$$$, pile up until they can’t see the ‘future’ for their kids already ma. Then maybe global warming is to continue, who knows they will buy another piece of land on the moon then sent the kids there :P :P Hahahaha …. Just joking la :P :P

Esmeralda said...

Yalor... what to do... Sabah is always behind other states one.

Nolar... this is the first time I have dinner with them - just to entertain them coz hubby asked me to go and I've rejected several times already. I don't feel comfy having dinner with those kind of "pigeon-eyed ladies".

True true... they think that $$$ can buy everything... including buying a new EARTH! Such a silly thought! Sometimes I really pity them, trying to impress their "peers" (ie their so-called friends in the same ranking) and pretending as much as possible to show that they are the best among their peers...

Trust me. You don't want to be in my shoes - having to dine with them, listen to their crap (oh... my son is studying in UK now.. doing PHD... etc etc) urggh.... I just wanna say "oh... my son is at my mum's house, waiting for this crap dinner to end"... kekekeke.... I would say if I can avoid such functions, I will... I WILL!!!

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, Oh … pigeon-eyed ladies ah? I wonder did you really dress up that night coz normally those tai tai go to hi tea or out for dinner, etc, sure pan-leng-leng with all those blink blink until sometimes I can’t open my eyes.

Hahahaha …. So funny la how you describe them. I do hope I will not have the chance to dine with them coz if I ever did, I have nothing to ‘show’ too. Hahahaha ….. wonder how your hubby handles their husband???

Esmeralda said...

Yes I did dress up for that night, of coz, without so much bling bling lar.... why wanna waste $$$ buy so much bling bling, and yet can only wear it few times a year?

My hubby? Well, he knows how to PR.. not like me... but I think the husbands are not that "comparative" and "pai-fon" compared to the wives.. don't you think so?

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, Ya …. I think men generally are more humble then us women, hahahaaha …. Coz normally we women show off by ‘talking’ + blink-blink + branded stuffs and men normally show off by Cars + ‘getting another younger woman’ beside them , my opinion la, hahahaha ….

Poor you have to go through that night ....

Esmeralda said...

Yes I do agree men are more humble than women generally coz they dun have much material things to show off like us women. Men usually will show off their watches, cars and yes.. their young and sexy 'yi lai'... My fren's father's fren is one of it. During important and 'need-to-show-off' function, he will bring the 'yi lai' instead of the wife!

MommyAngel said...

Agree no more Esmeralda :)