Monday, May 16, 2011

What She Draws [3Y10M]

Found some of Angel's previous drawings and artwork in my phone album and thought of posting it up here for easy viewing. Below are using finger-paint from Crayola and she refused me to do any modification to her drawings hence the gorilla on the top left and the butterfly on the lower right are without any eyes :P [2Y10M]

We also did some 3D puzzle but she doesn't really like it hence mommy was the one who did most of the work. We also did a figurine out of the toilet roll and she called her dolly - Princess Jane.

Below are some of her sketches before she turns 4. She drew mommy and doesn't looks like me at all :) She also drew a monsters and after she has done, she doesn't dare to get near her own drawing *laugh*

Some art work which she has done with grandma during her stay with grandma. She could sit down on her high chair and did all the cut and paste for a good few hours then but I can see that she has loosen some of her interest in it as she gets older. Now she would cut most of her work and asked me to paste them for her :(

She likes to draw tress and people especially people with a smiley face :)

^ ^ Top left: Trees with huge trunks which looks like carrots!
^ ^ Top right: An apple tree ... do you noticed a bird flying on top of the tree?
^ ^ Lower left: A tree again ..... with Mommy and Angel holding hands walking in the garden
^ ^ Lower right: She drew Some animals and people in the zoo and I can only noticed a tiger (or a cat?) at the bottom :P

On my birthday, I asked her where is my birthday cake she promised and she drew me a birthday cake with 4 candles on top! She thought mommy is only 4 years old just like her ...... ^_^ I love it so much!

We also made some lanterns together and she is a pretty handy girl and made her own lantern after our first trials.

Our first potato printing! She said she wanted to print fishes in the ocean and was very happy with her own work ^_^ [3Y10M]

She loves water colour very much and likes to print her own palm on her drawings just like how it was done in the TV show :) It's quite hard to get her to do the entire painting without living a big blank space but grandma did a very good job guiding her :)

a few more of her recent drawings and paintings to sort out from my camera since she has started a few of her drawing classes lately. I am glad that she loves her classes to bits and was literally bagging me to sent her to her drawing classes everyday :) More updates coming soon :) :)


Leanne Leong said...

So creative!! Wow, little Angel is already four. Time flies! She is such a sweetie and so talented... :)

Alice Law said...

OMG, the potato painting sea water... tht was so beautiful... hey, was tht really potatoes' prints?(just kidding)

My girl too, didn't like pasting the collage, she dislike the sticky feeling but very keen on cutting out the crepe papers!=_=

Missed u for quite sometimes already, keep well and hv fun!^^

MeRy said...

Nice works..I love the fish drawing.very nice.

CathJ said...

Love all her art!! ^_^.. she so clever lah.. can't wait to see her art progress.. :D

Vickylow said...

She can draw very nice leh. Eventhough my girl attend art class but coming home she is scribble rather than drawing.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very nice art work! Although Chloe is a year older than Angel, I see her doodling is more or less the same as Angel's haha. I love that potato ocean pic too. Very nice :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think this is not the first time I said about the cute and nice drawings of Angel.
Did you consider to send her for art class?