Monday, May 09, 2011

Searching For The Perfect Lamp

What’s up with the long silences? Yes, we are moving (just around the neighbourhood) again unfortunately, but I am glad that we survived the move and now settling down pretty well in our new home sweet home after the long packing and unpacking marathon *jumping with joy*.

Our new house has a very contemporary design and very bright with more windows as compare to our previous home. Most of the furnishing on the walls and floors were in white including our sofa set! I just hope that out little Angel and Annabelle would never ever thinking of adding any unwanted 'decorations' to their natural beauty any time soon. *finger crossed* I am also very please that the bedroom floors are wooden floorings which is great during winters. The suspended ceiling in the living room is nicely decorated with a pretty overhead chandelier and down-lights. However, I find the normal bright ceiling lightings are lack of some personality and softness especially in the living room. Therefore, the thoughts of getting a decent modern table lamp which complementing the current ambience around the house would be a perfect move.

Hence, we are busy searching for our perfect lamp over the weekend. And my oh my, I was presently surprised with the massive choices of beautifully designed
modern table lamps available to us in the market nowadays. From the look of it, they not only served for our normal lighting purposes anymore but also, they resembles a high end decorative piece of artwork around the house which also reflected the personality of people living inside the house. These modern tables lamps not only brighten up or highlighted the used-to-be dull little spaces around the house but it also diffused lights throughout the area where it sits, adding a little more softness, elegance and cosiness to the existing bold and rigid space in a room.

As we have 2 young kids at home, a slightly heavier and stable type of table lamp at the base would be perfect for us avoiding easy tip over. I would be placing my beloved table lamp on the side table at the other corner of the living room in between the 2 sofas just in case Angel or Annabelle would wanted to drag it from its table. We would love to turn the table lamp into a leisure reading lamp too hence attention was brought into making sure that we have chosen the right height of the lamp with the lampshade fallen somewhere around the height of the ear level in order to eliminates shadow and avoid glare. we have also chosen a brighter energy saving light bulbs for our reading purposes and picked a lamp with a dimmer which I can module the brightness as I wanted. I loved the elegant yet modern look of my lamp which compliments with the contemporary designs of the house and I am glad that I have found my perfect lamp which is beautifully shinning over our living room now.

I am happy with my pick and now I am actually thinking, should I get myself the modern floor lamps
which will look perfectly in our dinning room and the study room too?


prince n princess mum said...

Hope you find your perfect lamp in no time..

CathJ said...

Happy shifting Carol.. ^_^

the little prince said...

Move again!! Salute you!

Not easy doing the move at the same time thinking for the kids safety and comfortability!!

Why dont get some photo of the lamp then we vote for u here!! :-p

Happy shopping!