Thursday, May 26, 2011

Painting With An Artist - DaShuXia 1

Brought Angel for another drawing session with one of the very beautiful and talented teacher in town. Actually, she is not any ordinary teacher ..... or should I say she is an artist who do arts as a living ^_^ What an artist!

When we reached her place, it's already 3pm while Angel starts to get a little grumpy from escaping her afternoon nap. Once she saw her painting board being put up on the drawing rack that way, she quickly sit down on her little chair saying, "我要paint~~! 我要paint~~!"

^ ^ She seriously need a nap coz she looks so tired!

But once the little paint brush is in her hand, the engine inside her is moving again ^_^ I am really glad that the painting session is conducted outdoor overlooking a beautiful garden. Not as boring as sitting in a confined area breathing air con all day long :)

The theme for the day was "Plant" and the beautiful teacher asked Angel to paint her very own garden but she replied, "but ... I don't know how to paint wor!" @_@ She need some warming up usually. So the teacher encouraging her by painting a little blue flower for her and how to use the colour mixing pallet, slowly the little girl moves her brush across the drawing paper and making her first stroke.

The teacher watched her silently while helping her along the way and I saw my little girl extremely x1000 concentrated in her work without even saying a word! *surprised* On and off I heard her telling the teaching "我要洗~~"(I want to wash my brush) or "不不不 ~~"(no no no) or "我要这个red ~~" (I want red) or "你用big,我用small~~"(you used the big brush, I use the small one) but, her eyes were glued to her work all the time.

And there she was, 'Angel The Little Artist' putting in her 100% concentration expressing her thoughts in her drawings :P No jumping and monkeying around, no talking and screaming unnecessary, no moving her feet up and down, no constantly moving left and right from her chair like she has insects in her pants, no "mommy how? mommy how? mommy how oh" calling me thousand times non stop like what she normally does when she did her drawings with me at home.

She just sit there quietly, doing what she has to do and everything seems so calm and serene for once (I can actually hear birds chipping, no kidding :P) and that lasted for the entire 1 an hour! Simply magical!!

The teacher come over and told me she has quite a good concentration for kids her age. I just smiled unbelievably ^_^

Even I walked passed her and took pictures of her but she doesn't seems to be disturbed by my existence at all, unlike she used to call me and look at me with some other classes we had attended. I am like thin air to her that day :P

What a great artistic pose of drawing my little artist ^_^

The end results is simply so cute! She drew a few flowers with stars (blue and yellow) all over the skies with a "Person" (as she said) holding a Teddy Bear (drew by teacher). A big red sun in the middle with a heart-shape friend. Dark blue snails are crawling under the flowers too.

The teacher told us that from her drawings, she can see that Angel is a very happy and a jolly little 'blue' girl holding her teddy bear (teddy bear by teacher.) ^_^. She loves bright colour and she would painted everything + everyone in her work with a big bright smiling face. Teacher told me that's a very encouraging sign from a young children because it shows how HAPPY they were at her present stage.

Oh my ..... at that moment, silly me almost broke down in happy tears. Hey, how many chances that a mom gets to be told that her girl is really feeling HAPPY deep down inside? I am smiling ear to ear even in my dreams to know that my girl is HAPPY :)

This teacher is indeed very talented and has a few of her own publications / books all of her own drawings and art works (refer picture below) and she also draws for the World Expo Shanghai 2011 too. What's more, her beutiful garden and her living room is entirely designed, decorated and hand painted all by herself! I am a total handicapped when it comes to arts and drawings! Urrggh!! And now, wow ..... I think we met a real life artist for once!

Must get her to autograph my book next time ^_^


Alice Law said...

Wow, Angel is talented... beautiful painting(not flattering)! Personally think if ths artist teacher can continuously(if only u allowed)nurture her, she will be a somebody next time before u realise!^^

Mommy to Chumsy said...

good job Angel. that's a nice drawing. hey, this art class looks like it's so much fun. i like the environment :)

Mummy Moon said...

Yeah, I like this art class too, hehe! Angel's painting is very nice.

Small Kucing said...

The painting looks a bit like the illustration in the book . ANgel got talent

ChloeRuoyi said...

Angel like arts, eh? Her drawing is very nice and neat! She has very good attention span and I'm sure the environment plays a part too... it looks so peaceful and relaxing there :)

MeRy said...

Angel is so talented......well done.

anney said...

Pretty artwork! I love the colors that she used in her painting!

CathJ said...

awww... Angel's painting so beautiful... I love it too.. my boy been asking me to have painting session with him.. hope I can hear bird chipping too... ~.@.. finger cross.. LOL..

Leanne Leong said...

Soooo cute to see the little artist at work!!! :)