Friday, May 27, 2011

Her Painting Class - DaShuXia 2

She has been asking to go to her drawing class so many times and I have to call up the teacher for another extra painting session. This is the little alley that we have to crossed to get to her classe everytime and the little girl is so happy posing for me ^_^

There she enters this little wooden door where the enchanted garden was. I wonder why she has to pose with her fingers pointing up like that :)

This place is filled with a great sense of artistically feel. Beautiful paintings and colours are all over the place and waited for me to explore and wherever I looked. I can't fail to get great pictures from any corner I pointed my camera at ^_^

She has a very nice little garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. Butterflies flying around, birds chipping and it's truly an oasis in the middle of this gigantic city of concrete!

I can see little details worth capturing in and out this place and I do hope that the teacher doesn't mind me posting up 'her house' as I find it very hard to resist showing how beautifully that she has done to make her 'home' so serene and beautiful.

Her little garden was decorated with small details which never fails to bring surprises and smile onto my face. What a heaven on earth hiding in that small little space that she owns. Looking out of the windows everyday seeing trees swaying and flowers smiling at you every morning .... owww, I wanna live there ^_^

There ..... my little girl, attending her art class in that comfy living room sitting on that cute little chairs and tables doing what she likes to do.

The huge painting there was the teacher's art of work. Oh my .... so talented and it looks so real (and expensive :P) ..... and to be able to cultivate my little girl's creativity in such a heavenly space is truly a blessing.

There Angel was, sitting quietly and doing her art work without making a move .... again! Fully concentrating in her work.

While waited for her, I can help myself with the massive collection of books and novels from the shelves. It's the teacher's own collection and mostly were about arts around the world, travelling and children's award winning publications around the world. I can sit there the entire day digging for 'treasure' in the bookland while sipping into the coffee ready by the teacher everyday :) :) :)

Angel is asked to 'design' an outfit today. The teacher asked her to named her favourite animals and she think for awhile and said, "I love Giraffe ~~"

But when the teacher suggested that they design an outfit for her beloved giraffe and suddenly, she dissented strongly saying that giraffe doesn't need to wear clothes! @_@ When asked why can't we, she just pretested and said, "Giraffe is not a people (human) ~~." @_@

So finally, they agreed on a self portrait and designing a nice dress for herself instead. She wants the teacher to draw a 'pretty Angel' and she picked her own colour and asked to have that self portrait wearing a nice pink skirt holding 2 giraffe soft toys.

The teacher was impressed that she could and 'insisted' to paint the border neatly (teacher asked me was she a virgo @_@) and also giving her little blouse a nice purple touch to match with her pink skirt. Initially, she wanted a light green pants with a dark green shoes .....

...... but the light green pants and the dark green shoes end up with the same green all over :P :P :P

Finally, she get to choose some decorations for her hair. She picked a green ribbon and then further requested for another a red piece of cloth. She then made a 'scarf' for herself! *smile* She likes balloons which I always declined to get her one hence she wanted the teacher helping her to do an orange balloon in her drawing.

As when the teacher thought that she was done, suddenly she reached for a blue and painted herself (at the right lower corner) a dog and a rocket flying on top of the dog!!!! *laugh* Errmm ..... I think she was longing for a pet dog too?

She was very pleased with her own creation and requested to have her picture taken like that ..... cheeky little girl ^_^

I absolutely love this piece of art done by her. And the more I looked at it, the more I love it ^_^

I was informed that in the formal class, the kids will be grouping into small groups and requested to do some handcrafts and some act / play / story telling time using the handcrafts that they have made. Once in awhile, the class will be wrapped up with a small tea party in the garden or something which will cheer the kids up too :)

Initially I thought that she will find such art classes too plain (no running, playing and singing, etc) but surprisingly, she told me she likes the class very much (and also constantly asking for a ballet lesson too @_@).

This place is such a beautiful and enchanting little secret garden hiding in the middle of the CBD. I think this is the 'one and only' place where she could really sit still and fully concentrating in whatever she is doing for hours without being told to for once, just like a little ...... princess :)

I am so happy that we have found such a "too good to be true" place for her art session to be conducted looking. No more boring classes and concrete wall :P

We went there pretty often now ...... and this is her 3rd craft + drawing from her lesson. She has done a fish origami paper craft + a house and there she goes, a fish family with her flying house travelling under the sea :)

If everything is according to plan, this will be another place where Angel would hang around often from now on venturing into her world of colours and play ^_^


Cynthia said...

wow!! nice activity there!! Angel is doing very well in her painting!!

CathJ said...

*clap hands*... very nice work... ^_^.. and so cute the hand pose ah... hihihihi..

love this place... beautiful home.. :)

Alice Law said...

Good job Angel! I reckon you should really let her artistic talents inculcate with ths pretty art teacher!

Such a warm and cosy art studio... love it!^^

MeRy said...

Very nice place...and Angel will be a little artist soon..

Vickylow said...

Nice place love it so much. Hang in there will make myself shining more artistic smell wahaha. 1 to 1 basic not bad leh.

Small Kucing said...

such a nice place. Looks a bit like our from the movie

BoeyJoey said...

I wanted to say the same thing too... I want to stay there! so beautiful, serene and reading nook looks live a treasure cove!

that's a very nice drawing done by Angel... love the eyes and the dog especially :-)

Adrine said...

Oh my!!! The teacher's home is absolutely lovely. Just like in the movies. So nice to have art class there. Angel is so lucky :)

Leanne Leong said...

Didn't notice this post earlier. Wow, I love her teacher's home and garden... so lovely! Angel's art work is very nice and unique... :)