Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creativity and Imaginary Builder - Baby Art

Finally brought Angel for her first Art class in Baby Art. I called it an art class because they don't teach drawings. Instead, they teaches everything and anything around us and let the children express their own imagination through art (drawings, handcrafts, act, etc).

This art center is located at a new shopping mall so we have time to enjoy a good bowl of WanTon Mee and roasted goose + pork at one of the restaurant there before heading to her class. She is all excited when the teacher helped her to put on her little blue apron :) Luckily she didn't asked for a pink one :P

When I first stepping into her class ...... "OMG" was the only word coming out from my mind! The wall .... the wall in the classroom was full of the kids' "work of art"!!!! *I am praying that she doesn't do that at home :P* But comes to think of it, it's indeed a great opportunity for the kids to express themselves as and how they liked it. Why do they only given the freedom to draw on that proper boring art paper placing neatly on tables? Why not on the walls (or bathroom walls) if they were meant for that purposes and allowed such a little space of thier own to express themselves? *relief a little*

So I hold Angel's hands told her that this is a "wall of art" where she can drew as per teacher's instruction ...... and ..... and .... and ...... of course, I also can't stop myself from reminding her that she can never-ever do that at home! *sorry, can't help it :P*

She doesn't seems to miss us at all and were mingling happily with the little boy in her class. I was told that the kids were going to do "Things up in the sky" for that day and the teacher will do some story telling and act before they can draw their own "Things up in the sky" just the way they liked it.

After waving the loooooooong goodbye *from daddy and mommy actually, sob sob*, we waited / watched our little girl participated in her class from the CCTV screen at the waiting hall anxiously. We saw the teacher switched off the lights and took out a flashlight, while the kids taking turn do some treasure hunting in the sky up up above (ceilings actually :P) and following the teacher doing some moves and happily going round and round the classroom ^_^

Before the class ended, we were invited to take a look at Angel's first painting. According to the teacher:

1) She loves pink and only wants pink!
2) She is a 天生小管家 / "The Little Teacher" in class who likes to take care and look after for other kids while sometimes totally forgetting about her own work :P
3) She wants to do most of the things herself without help! *that sound so much like her*
4) She refused to paint the sky black (night) and insisted to have her night sky painted in blue! :P
5) She printed a few Stars, Shooting Stars, a Pink Moon and also a Car in her sky! When asked was there a car in the sky, she said YES! *laugh* Too much Little Einstein and Mickey Mouse Club House?
6) She takes instruction very well dispite the language barrier (but must remined her over and over gain) and is very helpful towards other kids. Very helpful until she help the other kid to draw a moon (and insisted must have a moon in the sky) on his piece of art work! :P

After the class, kids were to washed their little hands in this cute little wash area designed especially for the kids! I love the vibrant colours of the wash area, so cute!

She also got 3 stickers for her job well done which she refused to take it off her face. She was walking around the mall with those stickers on until her sweats melted the stickers away finally. When she found her stickers was missing, she insisted the teacher has took them away and would return it to her when she meets her next week :P Sure ..... Sure my baby :)

When we left, there was a kids birthday party going on and the kids were to decorate their own birthday cakes with the help from their mommy! That's so pretty!

Angel keep asking to join the group but I told her it's mei mei's birthday party and she has to be invited. She was very sad despite I told her that I will bring her to another baking session with me soon. Luckily after a few shirt pulling and floor stamping, finally she settle for a mommy and Angel's cake celebration in a nearby cafe. My Angel just love baking so much!

The 2 pieces of art work from her 2 lessons in Baby Art. On the left is the "Things Up In The Sky" and the one of the right is the "Things in the sea". She didn't drew the sea creatures on the drawing but she helped to paint the colour of the sea and telling teacher what she wants on her painting. Nice try though since it's her first few classes :)

I really liked the concept of the art class which cultivating kids imagination and thoughts through arts. I was told it was a concept brought into the country from the US and sure enough, Angel loves her class so much.

Fee: RMB 9,600 (RM4,800) for 48 sessions (50 minutes) class, paying upfront. *hair pulling*


Small Kucing said...

the place is very professional siap with the CCTV and the washing place

MeRy said...

It is a very good activity.....and the place looks nice and tidy.

Alice Law said...

Wow at the pricing, but since it's a kids' paradise and gives so much fun to our kids, worth the money lar!^^

Vickylow said...

Nice drawing she can draw very well. Can see she enjoy her art class very much. Keep it up Angel.

Leanne Leong said...

Little Angel has quite a character eh... wants only pink, so cute. :) Love her drawings! I would frame and hang them...

CathJ said...

that is a nice art of Angel.. and looking at the wall.. oh dear I will have the same thoughts like you hahahha... even now.. my boy start doing 'art' on my white cabinet.. *sigh*..