Monday, May 23, 2011

I Found The Little Angel In Her

I was having a terrible tummy ache and our little girl has been asking me out for a pizza for days. Hubby was attending his usual 'business' dinner with his clients and will be heading home late. I was lying in bed when she woke up from her long nap and without being helped, she got herself all dressed up in her outdoor outfit, walked into my room ready to get going while she saw me still not getting ready yet lying lifelessly on bed.

"Angel, mommy is having a tummy ache so we might not be going for a pizza today ok?" I said

She looked at me and frown then suddenly putting both her hands on my tummy and pressed hard while I was groaning in pain and asked what was she doing.

"Mommy, I massage your tummy ah ...."

"If mommy's tummy pain-pain nevermind la, we go next time la." Then still with her outdoor outfit on, she went back to her room and watched the TV without protesting for the sudden changed of plans.

Ater few hours tossing and turning on the bed, I drag myself up and get changed as I have a promise to keep. It's heart breaking to see disappointment in my girls' eyes especially when she is being such an angel. When she saw me get ready to go, her eyes all brighten up and jumping around in joy while repeating "Mommy, I love you so-very much mommy!" *kids are so easy to please*

So we walked down the streets, a very windy night at 10pm where most shops have closed and our girl who normally refused me to hold her hands who always jumping and doing her dangerous hip hop moves on the streets, grasp my hand tightly *surprise* while constantly checking on me

"Mommy, is your tummy still (in) pain? I hold your hand ok? We walk slowly ok? Is that slow-slow enough mommy?" She really doesn't sound like the normal loud and noisy little girl that she was.

Luckily, the pizza shop is opened 24 hours *yeah*. As I climbed up the stairs, she hold on tight to my hands tightly and said

"Mommy, you walk slowly ok?"

"Mommy, don't worry, I will listen to you and not make you angry ok?"

I look at my girl unbelievably and with a feeling of contentedness which I never felt before. ^_^

^ ^ Looking at the menu to see what's she wants to eat

So she ordered her own food *I didn't know she could do that* for the very first time, eating herself without being constantly reminded to and even helped me to 'take care' of my mobile phone when I was walking to get our drinks from the counter.

^ ^ Little pussy cat ^_^

On the way back, we were making stops all the way home because this little constantly hugging both my legs repeatedly and the only words she said to me was

"Mommy, I love you so-very much!" ^_^ That's the sweetest magic potion on earth and I feels so warm holding her little hands in mine walking down the windy lane.

When we headed back home, she didn't protest like she normally does. She gets herself changed back to her pajamas, hang all her clothes back to where they should be and even helped me to do the dishes in the kitchen, sweep the floor, gets the mop ready for me and then watched her cartoon without ..... without creating any 'trouble' at all.

She even helped me to fetch my pajamas when I was about to take my bath and even helped me to blow dry my hair ^_^ I am being served like a queen ^_^

Tonight was so incredibly ..... Warm and PEACEFUL, for once since many many months years ago. There was once crossed my mind that how nice that it would be if I can be sick more often I am healthy and well while she will behave so angelically for the rest of her growing years.

Tonight, I am smiling in my dream because .......

~~~~ I finally get a little glimpse of that little ANGEL in my girl ^_^ ~~~~


Small Kucing said...

she is so sweet. So young and already know how to take care of Mommy :D

mNhL said...

she is so sweet ;D

Yes, she is really an angel ! Hope your tummy ache is ok now.

Vickylow said...

She is so sweet, very big girl loh.

MeRy said...

So sweet...

CathJ said...

awww... she sooo cute.... need to be sick more often lah.. I guess touch wood.. hihihi...

Chew Lee said...

aaaww... so sweet... she is indeed an angel ...

BoeyJoey said...

Angel is such a sweet caring angelic little girl :-D

Kristie said...

really a very touching post caroline!!! She'll always be your baby angel :-)