Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Mother's Day 2011

Another belated post again :P

We 'kind of' celebrated Mother's Day but not as excited as before since it's just a normal day here and it has been 4 years since I first become mom. As usual, I asked for my mother's day gift from hubby and he reminded that he gave me 'something' a week earlier and that's my gift so no more gift for that day *sob sob*

^ ^ Men are always not into the details. A gift to his wife and wrapped it in Angel's Toy'R Us wrapper?? *cik cik cik*

Angel saw mommy has a gift and she wanted a gift too. Lately she can be very long-winded and will be asking for something for the entire day until she gets it. So in order to have a peace and quite day just for once, I gave in and get her a little gift from my secret 'gift-box' and she actually saw where I pull the toys out from *careless me* saying she wanted to unwrapped all of them! Of course a big no-no as I have saved them for specials occasions so I asked her to pick just one and it's a cake set play dough with some new tools ^_^

I have forgotten what we had for breakfast and lunch but we did have a great tea break in Citta Cafe, @Hui Hai Road because I have finally found the greatest sandwich in town that I really x10000 liked. The coffee is ok and the salad is good but the sandwich is superb with the super chewy + crunchy bread, ham, tomatoes, dressing and my favourite super-strong flavoured imported cheese! Angel couldn't take the strong taste from the cheese so all end up in mommy's tummy (belly) :P

While sitting in the cafe, I asked hubby it's ok that no gift for the day but he has to make me something special and worth remembering while I headed to my once in a blue moon indulgence - a Thai massage. When I am done and rush back home, hubby said he has done his surprise and handed me a plate of ..... I don't know what to call it which consist of strawberries and sausages and chinese bak-kua (grilled pork)? What a weird combination that only he can ever think of, hahahaha. But I am happy with the 'heart shape' bak-kua that he has done for me.

Talking about the heart shaped bak-kua .... has he been ransacking into my bento tools again?

Ta daa .... as I have mention to him earlier that the salad we had in the cafe was quite good, this fellow is so capable to copy other's idea and make me another round of homemade salad. I can't stop laughing when I saw how nicely he has decorated his creation and even sprinkles some cheese on top of it. *clap clap* I am impressed ^_^

As I told him, this year I would make it simpler for him and I will get myself my own mother's day cake! I have an unused voucher from a bakery nearby and I am so happy to finally get rid of it before it expired. Well ..... the cake doesn't look the same as it was shown in the catalogue at all!!! And hubby commented that it's the most 'anciently' decorated cake that nobody does that in town anymore (yes, I can see that!! Urrggghhh ..... ) but luckily once we dig in, hubby love the taste and so does Angel. But due to the unattractive decoration of the cake, maybe we would never go back to that bakery again unless they are offering a very attractive deal.

Angel thought it's my birthday and she sang me Happy Birthday Song, asking me to make a wish while she hopped onto her high chair waiting for her share :)

To be able to hear Angel's sweet voice wishing me "Mami, Happy Mother's Day" can really brings tears of joy into my eyes :)

Althought it's just another ordinary day with all the food and cake, somehow I think I had a great Mother's Day just how I liked it ^_^


Small Kucing said... least get Mother's Day gift ma :p Better than nothing :D

The photos so cute la

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, agreed with Kathy, at least you have a gift from your husband.
Perhaps I should ask for my first Mother's Day gift from husband next year.

MeRy said...

Your hubby's is so creative and even prepare some suprises for you..
I am getting nothing from my hubby lol...
Maybe next year, I should ask for something from my hubby too.

CathJ said...

hihihi.. nice present wrapper.. hihihi... at least you got something and a cake..^_^

The cake looks so yummy... I think want to find butter cream cake tomorow.. haha..

coffeesncookies said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. I went to the hospital to visit an aunt and to a funeral for Mother's day. McD for lunch and instant noodles for dinner. What a day !!! but at the end of the day. my little family of 3, safe, healthy and contented digging into maggi mee for dinner.. I know I couldn't ask for more :D
Hey, now I know how you look like :D !!

Vickylow said...

haha your man still very thoughtful lah. Some even don't care to wrap it, just put in the plastic and pass to the wife. :D Luckily Angel never thought and argue that is her present as it wrap in Toy'R Us wrapper keke.

mNhL said...

Your hubby is such a sweet man! He took the troubled to make you happy! U r totally blessed !