Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun For Kids - School Hunting?

The school semester officially started in September over here and we are busy school hunting for our little Angel who is ready to enter kindergarten. So I told her we would visit one of her school tomorrow which makes her very excited.

In the morning, she woke up in a jolly good mood and dressed herself up automatically ready to get going (I just wished that she could keep that up forever!) and before we left, she asked me for her
toddler backpacks that everyone is carrying to their classes. I told her that this is just an unofficial visit so she doesn't need one and luckily, she didn't pressed for it further.

I am happy that she didn't zip her lips tightly just like before and happily talking and responding to the teacher's questions :)

The very nice classrooms with a very big interaction board as shown above which is a very huge interactive touch screen.

The small library with some reading materials and toys for the kids. The school also have a computer room and a movements and musical room for kids to have their classes conducted accordingly.

This is the area where the kids taking their naps. I think it look tidy and clean. If Angel were to take her naps there, I will certainly brought along her cute pink turtle nap mats which will makes her feeling as cosy as home. We both loves her nap mats!

The school actually looks great and the teacher was very friendly too. Angel enjoyed herself so much that she took off her shoes and jackets while running around wanted the teacher to chase after her @_@

And of course, she did it again. She was so happily running around and locking all doors preventing the teachers to come in and finally locked herself up in the main entrance of the school building. The 2 teachers who have the keys tried to unlock the door but the electronic door just won't open up. And the other person who has the master key to the door was on leave! So all of the teachers on duty starts panicking calling on the phone asking for help while I was standing at the door telling Angel we are playing a rescue game so don't go anywhere while I saw her nodded her head and peeping out from the little space in between the door smiling happily (yes, she is still smiling) waited to be rescue.

So after 15 minutes and with Angel starting to feel hunger and asking for her
Stephen Joseph water bottle and lunch box, the teachers were still calling around asking for keys! I asked one of the teacher is there an alternative way instead of using the key only then they told me there was actually a switch beside the door but too high for Angel to reach. Sigh .... should have told me earlier!! So I told Angel about the switch and true enough, she can't even reached it and then suddenly, she put her index finger near her head just like how we used to play our thinking game and said, "Err, let me think ..... AHHHH HAAAAAA!!!!"

She quickly moved herself into one of the teacher office and pushed out a big and heavy chair (I am glad that I feed her well :P) and then climbed on top of the chair while my heart bounced so fast ...

CLICK~~~!!! the door suddenly open up and everyone was shouting with joy and Angel stepped out of the room saying, "Yes, We did it!!!!" and give me 5 @_@ She must have thought that she is Dora in one of Dora's great advanture!

So finally we left the school with this little naughty girl Hero wearing a big great smile on her face! She is so happy that she has rescue herself from the locked door telling me, "Mommy, the school is so much fun!!!!" *gulp* with me still wiping my sweat away from her 1st mischievous in her 1st day in school.

I am sure that our 'fun time' is just a beginning .... *double gulp*


MeRy said...

Glad that ANgel is enjoying so much in school..

Alice Law said...

Such cute nap mat, I love it too!^^

LOL, what most important is your girl likes the place!

Vickylow said...

Ola Dora...You did it haha. Luckily she smart enough to push the chair to reach the switch. Well will mommy enrol here in this school. I guess all teacher must be know her very well from now on.

prince n princess mum said...

Fun @ School!~

shoppingmum said...

She is very smart and adventurous!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The place is so comfort, clean and neat. I am sure all kids and adults will love it!

Anyway, that was a scary incident happened in her school. Hopefully no next time yeah!

CathJ said...

oh my gosh... thank God Angel is such a super Dora.. hihihihi...