Sunday, March 06, 2011

Shopping Can Be Fun For Kids Too

Although I am just back from our HK trip few weeks ago but I think I left my heart there (ops!) There were so many nice places to visit which time is never enough and oh my, the malls were loaded with so many cutest stuffs for kids as if I thought I was walking into one of stephen joseph's stores. And for adults, we were spoil with choices too making me felt that I have left with so little money to spare with so many things to buy.

Don't think I am the only one who loves shopping but shopping can be fun for kids too. I think my Angel is having such great fun during our trip and shopped more then I do while I was watching her every move closely and babysitting her in the mall for it was so packed with tourists! She would touched whatever comes into her sight at this age, try on new shoes for herself and even flip through adults clothing as well! There was once she found a torn-designed pair of jeans on the display and shouted at me saying, "Mommy look!!! It's torn! Why they don't fixed it and put it here huh?!" and shook her head! My baby Angel, somehow you would love such torn jeans when you gets older :P

^ ^ Why it was torn mommy?

Of course she would constantly be watching out for toys stores, car racing arcades (which I tried to avoid at all times) and of course the play area for kids! Once she saw the huge bouncy air castle or the slides, she would be hooked there for a good 1/2 an hour before we manage to drag coax her away.

^ ^ Happily in the kids playing area

Upon arriving the children store, normally I would be looking for new items added and also browsing at one of those cute kids laundry bag which would be perfect even for a normal outings. Oh, so hard to resist on cute little stuffs. Angel would be working her hands on the legos in the kids area. But the most interesting spot for her would be the indoor slides as well as the TV games station. I hardly saw her showing any interest in the cute cuddly toys or the board games nowadays.

^ ^ Hooked!

I am glad so far, Angel is more then happy to shop for the entire day with us but would show a little grumpiness at times when it's way past her napping time. In fact, I am delighted to see the sign because once she falls asleep in her stroller finally, it's time for me and hubby to have some break from babysitting her and it's time for us to do some real shopping. Sometimes we suggested to head home for her nap but she told us she prefers to nap in her stroller instead and would wake up a happily kid continue with her shopping day out till shops closes around late evening. A shopping queen she was.

I must admit that it's kind of hard to shop for anything with kids tagging along but somehow, I think she enjoys herself to the fullest! Fortunately I love shopping for kids stuffs and doesn't mind staying in a children store for hours rather then doing the boring lawn mowing on my weekends, which I would be gratefully leaving the job to Dallas landscaping for a job well done.


Small Kucing said...

wei done. Very creative post. Memang shopping is fun for kids. They can roam around and play

CathJ said...

wow... having fun on shopping.. I really miss doing shopping too.. but on this stage.. I just can't do it for now..hahahhaha... what I do, looking for toilet every 5 minutes.. urghhhh.... last2 pulang... Lol..

Oh yes.. even my boy know how to shop now.. he knows how to choose what shirt he want and what TOYS he want (that no need to say lah).. hihihi..