Friday, June 04, 2010

She Understands .... After All

Angel is growing up fast and well. At the age of 2, she starts to understand and take simple instructions. She is considered a bit slow in terms of speech but now that she is 3, I can see improvements in that area and she has been able to express herself better and communicate, sometimes even fights back when we said something she doesn’t agree of. Sometimes, I would forget that she is no more a small baby who will take all instructions and comments without any objections :P.

We used speak English at home and sometimes in Mandarin but somehow, she prefers (seems to understands) English better. Whenever we talk to her in Mandarin, most of the time she would response with

“What?? What?? What Mommy??” …………….. until we switch back to English.

So I have assumed that she doesn’t understand much of our Mandarin. So one day, I was complaining to my mom (in mandarin) while she was lying on the floor beside us doing her own stuffs.

Me: “Angel 近来真的很坏蛋哦!出街又不爱牵手,真的,下次要少点带她出去了 。。。。*bla bla bla*”
Me: Angel is getting very mischievous lately. She doesn’t want to hold our hands at all whenever we went shopping and I think we should bring her out lesser ….. *bla bla bla*

My Mom: “是咯,越大越顽皮,又不听讲!那天还冲出马路去,叫都不听! 真的危险,该打!越来越不像话了 。。。。”
My Mom: Agreed! The older she is the more mischief she gets, not listening to us at all! That day, she even zoom towards the road out of a sudden disregard how I call her back and that’s really dangerous! She really needs a good smack …….

Suddenly we heard a loud and angry voice,

“HEY~~~~!!!! You CANNOT ! You CANNOT 打Angel ~~!!! Angel ANGRY !!!”

And we saw Angel standing up in front of us looking very angry with a pointed mouth, crossing both hands in front of her chest!

A bit surprised, I asked her in Mandarin:
“你听得明白Mommy在讲什么meh??? ”
(You understand what mommy is saying???)

“YES~~ !!!!!”

She response with an angry voice looking at the opposite direction.

Hahahahahahaha, now I know that she actually understands what we were saying and also paying attention to what we adults were chatting all the time when we thought she weren't. So my mom said next time we have to switched to Malay if we don’t want her to know that we are complaining about her :P :P


smallkucing said...

she understand but maybe she not comfortable to answer in mandarin

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...Mummy underestimated her ler. My husband and I will speak in Malay when we don't want Gwen to know what we are talking bout. So far so good..hehe.

Aiyo, Angel is a big girl already. Her photo is so pretty with big round eyes!

Alice Law said...

LOL!!! She is such a sweet pie, another lesson to learn mommy... never underestimate a kid!

Please enjoy your weekend!

Cath J said...

hahhahahaha... soo cute.... if me and my MIL talking about my boy.. we sure talk in Malay... LOL.. coz my boy 'understand'.... LOL..

prince n princess mum said...


Serene said...

So cute... don't play play.. she actually understand what mommy saying! So next time have to speak Malay or Cantonese if you don't want her to know your converstation ;p

2ma said...

shan leo is the same too. he understands mandarin & cantoese, but refuse to speak, and he only speak & respond to english!!