Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random Daily Meals 2

I am glad that Angel is back to her normal healthy eating habit again FINALLY. So I think it’s good for me to jot down some of Angel’s favourite new menus here just in case I will ever need referring to them for my next ‘battle’ again which I hope is not going to happen ever!! it is really killing a lot of brain power just to think of new food combination for her everyday! Really can’t trust my poor memories to work as efficiently as before especially after giving birth to my darling Angel, the memory brain cell is just dying fast!! I must said that I am thankful that I still can remember my own name at this moment :P Well, as long as I have a happy, healthy and active little girl at home, I don’t think I will have more to ask right? *smile* Ok ok …. Back to Angel’s new daily meals and here are some pictures taken to share.

^ ^ YUK CHUK SOUP: This is Angel’s favourite soup :) Yuk Chuk + Red and Honey Dates Soup served with Rice, Chicken Drumstick and some finely chopped Lettuce for her daily veggie intake.

^ ^ SPINACH SOUP JAPANESE NOODLES: Pork Ribs Broth cooked with Spinach, Chinese Wolfberries, Cubed Chicken Breast served with Spirulina Japanese Noodles.

^ ^ CHINESE LETTUCE SOUP PASTA: Pork Ribs Broth cooked with mince pork, Chinese Lettuce, Red Dates and serve with Angel's favourite ABC pasta

^ ^ MIX VEGGIE PORRIDGE: A very healthy porridge. Porridge cooked with Mince Pork, and lots of finely chopped Green Veggie, Carrots, Corn and Green Peas

^ ^ SILK SQUASH (丝瓜) PORRIDGE: Silk Squash Porridge With Chinese Wolfberries, Mince Pork and a beaten Egg was added just before the heat was turn off.

^ ^ (Left)SILK SQUASH (丝瓜) OMELETTE: She definitely love this dish. Silk Squash Omelette served with Carrot + Chicken Breast Porridge.
^ ^ (Right) BEETROOT SOUP RICE: Another favourite soup of Angel. Beetroot soup boiled with Red Dates + Pork Spare Ribs Serve with Rice.

^ ^ FRENCH BEAN PORRIDGE: Introducing French Beans to Angel. This is one of the meals that I would normally take together with Angel coz it’s yummy. We are having Porridge in Pork Ribs broth with French Beans, Taufu Pok (both finely chopped and leave some chunk for Angel's chewing exercises), and mince pork.

^ ^ CHINESE CHIVES (韭菜) OMELETTE: Chinese Chives Omelette served with Pumpkin and Pork Meat Porridge. She seems doing fine with the taste of Chinese Chives :)


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

*Drooling*...all your meals looked so yummy and healthy. I like it too.
You are a very creative in cooking for Angel. I must learn from you.

Oh yes, congrats that Angel has back to her normal appetite. It is a great and happy news.

Angel able to finish the first meal? The drumstick and the rice?

coffeesncookies said...

your r very creative in your menu. My porridge is always the same and no wonder my girl hates it. :(

agnes said...

omg.. so much variety lah.. angel is so lucky.. ;)

frm what i see ah.. dont think she is a fussy eater at all lah.. perhaps got some mood sometimes lah.. ;) since mama's meals are so delicious wor...

as for the Wolfberries.. chloe will said "want to eat kei ji".. but after 1-2 meals.. she said "dont want kei ji liao.. mama finish it"... *pengsan*

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Caroline... I really like the meals u prepare for Angel... Looks so yummy and colourful!~ I'm sure Angel loves it!~

For my little gal - Breanna said...

okok.. understand how come Angel loves her food now... even me here is drooling... *clap clap* mummy! You have put real much effort in getting Angel her food.. :)

LittleLamb said...

do u visit the market or supermarket often???

how i wish philip is under ur care n u can cook him such good variety. i hv been lazy :(

Mummy Gwen said...

Well Done Caroline. You are such a creative good mommy. Very dedicated in preparing Angel the best meals. Angel eats alot too huh...the portion is really big. I think I give Gwen too little portion lah..hehe..must add more. No wonder my girl is so skinny..hehe.

Mummy Ryan said...

Angel really a good gal.............izit she can finish the whole drumstick??? How i wish my boy also love to eat meat...sob...sob.....:)
BTW for Angel's lunch & dinner is different menu rite??
Me too will cook different menu for Ryan's lunch & dinner cz my boy a bit fussy bout foods.
Looking at all Angel's food make me hungry liow....yum..yum...

Lybil said...

I am one very lazy mother if compared to you :P Sethy is eating adult's food together with us now ...


ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow! The meals are so healthy and appetising. Lucky Angel for having such a good mummy chef.


Mesg from my mommy:

Hey, I only just found out that you have a blog too. Good to 'see' you here... ;)


Oliveoylz said...

I see lots of green leafy veges in her diet...good gal. Great job there introducing her to such a wide variety of food. Those "kei chi" are good stuff too...great for the eye-sight right?

Btw, "somewhere over the rainbow" is one of my fav songs.

Merryn said...

angel can take drumstick like dat? adui, macam flinstones! ethan cannot. too big! i like da japanese noodles.. slurp slurp. :D

MeRy said...

So many kind of dishes.....All looks yummy.

Cath J said...

My boy fav omelette.. ^_^

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, thanks for your nice words :) I am also learning from you leh :) Yes, Angel manage to finish all her meal in the pictures. Actually it’s quite a small potion actually. Normally she managed to finished 2 drumsticks all by herself and crying for more, she is a carnivore!!

Coffeencookies, thanks. I have to cook different variety of meals for Angel as she is allergy in many types of food so that will make up to what she’d missed I hope :)

Agnes, actually she is getting less picky in terms of her food lately and that’s why I slowly adjusted her back to her previous ‘healthy version’ of porridge lo. Your Chloe is definitely so cute la, I bet my Angel don’t know what’ kei ji until now.

PeiWun, thanks ... she is ok with all the meals above lo and I am glad.

Cynthia, hahaha … you are so kind dear :P

Rachel, I will do groceries shopping once a week and stock up a lot of veggies for Angel. Or when I cooked our adults’ meal, I will surely save some of the ingredients for Angel’s porridge the day after too.

Mummy Gwen, I am not creative at all leh. Porridge is the easiest meal for kids coz just dump everything in :) Actually the portion is not really big, about 1 small bowl ++ lo. How much does Gwen takes everyday? I think should be around 1 small bowl too right?

KC, yes … Angel manage to finish the whole drumsticks. Actually she can take 2 drumstick in 1 go and still asking for more coz she really loves meat!
- Normally Angel’s lunch and dinner will be the same if she is having porridge because no time to do different meal like last time as she always wants me to play and entertain her as she gets older :) Ryan is really a lucky boy … and hopefully one day you will share Ryan’s menu with me too ya coz I really are running out of idea on what to cook for Angel now :(

HN, oh … really? Maybe your food is very healthy coz normally hubby likes to eat oily, salty and spicy food so not really suitable for Angel.

Hweili, I am not a good chef actually and I don’t even like to cook, I prefer eating :)

Juliana, you have a blog here too ya, hahahaha …. It’s glad to know :)

Olive, yes … I am trying to incorporate veggies into her daily diet because she is a carnivore and loves meat a lot! Yes … you are right, those kei ji is really good for eyes and very tasty too :)
- oh, glad that you love the song too :)

Merryn, yes … she can take drumstick like that. As long as it’s meat she will be able to find her own way to ‘eat’ them :) But of course, I don’t leave her alone for her meal time la coz she will always be sitting in front of me so that I could keep an eye on her. Or else, I have lots of cleaning ups to do :)

Mery, thanks :)

Cath, oh … your boy loves omelette too ya? I think kids loves egg a lot!

Julie said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe. Just what I need now.

Angel can eat the whole drumstick just like that? I yet to let Jonathan try. Scare he will get chocked.

MommyAngel said...

Julie, oh .... drunsticks are no problems to her at all! She will choke on rice or water or veggies but certainly not meat :P But of course I will always need to keep an close eye on her just in case :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Caroline, Gwen takes about half bowl of rice(normal bowl) only. If porridge 1 normal bowl. You are creative lah, dear. :)

Kristie said...

Wow caroline, at least ur brain juice has churned out so many yummy dishes!!! Angel is one lucky gal :)

2ma said...

wow, all your meals for angel are so special!! angel is so lucky to have you as mummy!!

Esmeralda said...

Oh... lucky Angel! *shy* I didn't even managed to improvised so much on Ashton's meals.. U r so creative Caroline... :)

Haha.. if I were to give Ashton the drumstick like that, he will look at me as if saying 'peel for me mummy'... He wants his food to be 'bite-size'...

MommyAngel said...

MummyGwen, oh …. Ic … I hope that I didn’t feed my Angel too much ya. You know …. I always worried that she gets hungry wor …. Kekekekeke! Mommies :)

Kristie, thanks dear for your kind words :) I am trying ….. :)

2ma, thanks for your kind words dear :)

Esmeralda, I am just afraid that Angel will get bored of her normal meal so I try to cook different meals for her everyday lo. It’s fun too to cook different meals everyday or else, I think I will bored to death doing her same porridge everyday :)
- IC …. I think it’s easier if we peel the drumsticks for our kids too but sometimes, I just love to see how she bite her drumsticks so I just leave that on and sit in front of her watching her lo :)

Esmeralda said...

You're such a hardworking mum Caroline... Well, I tried to let him eat the drumstick by himself, but after the 1st bite, he spit out the big chunk of meat and dun wanna eat anymore.. so in the end I have to peel them off into 'bite-size'.. He still doesn't know how to use his teeth completely..

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, that's your little 'king'!! Hehehehe

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Not bad ya, Angel able to finish 2 drumsticks.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, ya ... I think she can finish more then 2 but don't know what happens later la if she did LoL