Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bento#2: Vermicelli Soup and Mix Vegetables

This is what I prepared for Angel’s lunch today. At first I only prepared the Vermicelli with Beet Root Soup, served with some shredded pork ribs, and since I am plan to incorporate vegetables into her every meal so I do not wish to break the rules so at the end, I added some frozen mix vegetables into her lunch for added fiber. Looks like the bento box which I got for her was just enough for the Vermicelli alone, huh? It does looks so big when I got them LoL No fancy decorations for her ‘almost – bento’ lunch this round as I am running out of time today :P Maybe next time ok Sweetie?? Although this looks simple but yet, took me an hour just to come out with this ….. ya, I know I am very slow :P

She loves the soup, she loves the meat, she like the vermicelli, totally crazy over those grapes but she didn’t really fancy her vegetables. However I manage to coax her to finished the carrots and the peas (of course I am eating along with her :P) but she just refused to ate those corns. I thought kids loves corn coz they are sweet?? Maybe my little girl has a strange taste bud. LoL Anyway, to be able to finish the portion of what she had just now is considering good enough for me.

When she really eats her meal and didn’t fuss and picky of her food as usual, I will be the happiest mom of the day :)

Angel’s Lunch: Vermicelli, Beetroot Soup, Mix Vegetables, Black Grapes and Shredded Pork Rib at the side

Wa laaa …. She is full!! But she managed to polish off her soup bowl as well after the picture as taken :)


Angeline said...

Wow! That last photo is the best encouragement to the 'Cook', which is Mommy!!! *wink*

Lybil said...

She has a very cute pinky plate :) You are one very hardworking mommy lerr!!!


Merryn said...

ei.. dat is quite a big portion leh.. considering she is a picky eater! good job mommy! u deserve a pat on the back for ur patience n perseverance!

MeRy said...

Good gal,Angel...u seem a big eater, can sapu most of the dishes. Juz wondering how is the soup taste?Sweet??Never saw beetroot at Sibu.

Cath J said...

Good Girl!!! Finish the food... I am sooo envy....

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...Angel can sapu habis everything ah. Means mummy's cooking is very good leh. Mummy must be very happy hor..hehe

Fussy mum said...

Angel's such a good eater, can finish almost everything given to her. As to the vegetables, perhaps u can hide it in her food. Mummy is surely a good cook. Keep up the good job, ya. :)

Wonderful Life said...

she doesn't like corns??

Esmeralda said...

Nice bento.... Wah.. you are so patient oh... I seemed to be quite lazy lately... Ashton must be bored with his food liao...

I never tried mixed frozen veg for Ashton yet... are they soft? Coz this boy is not a fancy veg eater.... Talking about corns, Ashton also dun eat corns, no matter how sweet they were. He usually spit it out. I think it's the hard texture that they dun like...

Looking at the clean plate, I'm really happy for you lar... Angel can self feed, and the plate is not that messy.... I can't imagine if I were to let Ashton self feed yet!

agnes said...

wow. she can finish quite a lot also eh?? not bad not bad.. means she isn't that picky after all mah :)

chloe loves corns but my mom said dont let her eat so much wor.. else, gotto remove the skin for her loh.. scare got hard poo poo wor..

i know lotsa kids dont like vege & am so glad that chloe loves it since young.. dunno why.. prob bcoz i used to take vegetarian while pregnant?? :S

MommyAngel said...

Angeline, it certainly does :)

HN, thanks dear :P

Merryn, ya …. The portion is bigger then usual but I guess she really loves mee hon :)

Mery, Oh …. The beet root soup taste sweet actually. But some said have a kind of ‘soil’ taste but I can’t taste it wor. I can even find it in Sabah leh, I think Sibu also have la, maybe just that you didn’t noticed that it’s beet root actually :)

Cath, hahaha …. Thanks.

Mummy Gwen, Yes …. I am indeed very happy to see her finished off everything :)

Fussy mum, I am not a good cook actually, hehehhe … pai seh la :) I am trying to hide her vege all the time but this time, don’t know where to hide it :)

Doreen, ya … she don’t like corn, don’t know why.

Esmeralda, as long as Ashton is still eating his food that’s mean he is still ok with it :)
- I never thinking to try frozen mix vege too but I have 1 huge bag sitting in my fridge for a long time already so it’s quite time saving coz I just need to boil them.
- should I say give me five again for Ashton do not like corn as well??? I think green pea also have the hard skin but she can take it pretty well wor (although not really like them la) but with corn, she will spit it all out just like Ashton :(

Agnes, oh … she is a picky eater till now, just that she is getting better la, fingers crossed!
- ya, I also find that corn cannot be digested well by Angel too so I hardly feed her with corn too. Thanks for the info Agnes. But I think will not caused hard poo poo gua?? I only noticed it’s not being digested but her poo poo is still soft :P
- talking about having vege during pregnancy, me too ….. and I can only eat vege when I was pregnant with Angel, I can’t even eat pork or any meat at all and I will throw up if I did but still, she was born a carnivore :(

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caroline, you are not slow in preparing the food, is normal that good food needs time in the preparation and cooking process.

The bento looked ok ma, very colourful and healthy. I like it too.

Ok, this is the beetroot soup that you were talking about. Angel loves it?

Angel also likes grapes hor? Sarah too. She has no problem in eating them altho sometimes it taste sour.

Angel doesnt like the corn maybe it has the hard skin?

Esmeralda said...

Yeah.. maybe I can try some frozen vegetables on him. See how it goes. Hehe... high 5 for not eating corn ya... I myself loves corn so much, dunno why Ashton dislikes them.

reanaclaire said... cute..she can finished all.. mothers like us love to see that.. right?

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, Ya, Angel loves the soup very much and I am glad. She is actually a soup person I notice which is good but I just don’t want her to take her plain rice with soup only coz I hope I can make her have a good eating habit and would eat many variety of food for her benefit. If not it’s very difficult for her to change her bad eating habit if she gets older :)

Esmeralda, hhmm … I think maybe Ashton won’t love the frozen vegetable coz too much heard skin on the corn and pea but you can try. If he loves it then it really is such a great new for you I think :) So is he eating her cucumber more now?

Reanaclaire, hahahaha …. You are so right, I will be really happy when she eat her meal properly :) Mothers …. kekekkekeke

Esmeralda said...

I'll try them on him when I get hold of the frozen veg. Yes occasionally he did take his cucumbers, just that I limit his intake - worried that it will be too 'cooling' on him.

Kristie said...

yes when ur child relishes ur cooking and finishes everything, u feel so happy and glad knowing that she has the proper nutritions! i am so happy for u!!!! more bentos to come!

MommyAngel said...