Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Not-So-Favourite Corner of Hers.

After the ‘deleting of my files’ incident here, I always be very alert once Angel starts touching my notebook again. Since my Hello Kitty* mouse when dead few weeks ago and has gotten myself a wireless mouse instead, I would be heartache if she accidentally dropped my mouse again. So there is one time that she got herself occupied with my notebook again, feeling despaired, I pulled her to a little corner, told her never to touch mommy’s notebook again, asked her to stand there for 2-3 minutes until she nodded and promised that she never going to touch the notebook nor the mouse again then I gave her a hug. That was the one and only time that she went to that little corner of hers in our living room more then a month ago.

Today when I was rushing to prepare her lunch due to wake up later then usual, after her milk I saw that she starts to play with my notebook and clicking with my mouse again! I was rushing for the lunch so I didn’t stop her but start to raise my voice a little as usual from the kitchen ….

“Angel ~~ Do not touch Mommy’s notebook!! You want to stand at the corner again, don’t you? You go and stand THERE! Mommy is cooking lunch for your, can you wait patiently for your lunch?? ………….”

Then out of a sudden I heard her crying out loud so I rush out from the kitchen worrying that she might hurt herself or something …… then I saw my little girl standing at her little corner all by herself, with tears rolling down her cheeks while raising both her arms asking for a hug without daring to make a move away from that little spot of hers. *Heart melted* My heart really melted right away, my poor girl must have thought that I am angry with her and really mean to ask her to stand at her corner, poor thing!! But normally she would never be so obedient and would totally ignore what I said all the time but I guess not today. I have loose my heart totally when I saw her crying so pitiful and standing there all alone ……. so I give her a long hug telling her that Mommy love her so much!

God has given me this sweet little girl who has never failed to melt my heart ..... ^_^


Esmeralda said...

So sweet... I'm so touched by this post Caroline... Really am!

Angel is so clever she knew where she should go if you were to get angry at her ya... I've done that with Ashton before, but never works. He always cry when I do that to him, but he just won't stand still there. Always runs to me!

Really am happy for you (for being able to bring up this child obediently, and intelligently), and for Angel (for being so obedient & smart)...

That's definitely a 'corner' that should be avoided by her now..

Haha.. did you ever ask her what that cover is/what's the purpose of it?

Merryn said...

aiks.. aiyo... melts MY heart just reading ur post!!!! sooo sooo sincere her reaction... so cute!!! i wud hug her if i were there too... :)

2ma said...

oh no, poor angel!! seeing that must have brought some tears in ur eyes... anyway, must sayang sayang back!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also feeling touched after reading this post.

I must say Angel is so obedient, she really understand your instructions and always obey it.

Mummy Gwen said... touching. Angel is so obedient to follow your instructions. Good for you, mummy. :)

Answers to your questions:
1) Kids only pay when they are over the 90 cm mark and not by age. So, angel definitely can go in for FREE.

2) Some of the rides, the min height is 76cm so Angel has no problem at all.

3) Daytime weather is not cold. At night is quite cold but most of the time we will be indoor at night. JUst bring thicker clothes/blanket for ANgel, just in case especially sleeping at night.

agnes said...

oh.. so sweet of her.. sometimes we will be shocked why they became so obedient suddenly rite??

things that they ignore turn out to be things that they listen and do eventually..

hmm, why not you screen lock your window each time you away by setting password or just do ctrl+alt+del to reactivate the screen? so Angel wont be able to control it adi..

LittleLamb said...

i'm surprised that angel know what is punishment at this young age... we shouldnt underestimate right...

Kristie said...

angel is so guai to listen to u ah??? it is as if she automatically went there after she heard u mentioned 'go to corner'? good right.. easier to discipline mah heheh... my heart would also melt... she dont want mummy to scold her :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ She really listen to what you said... ;)

the little prince said... tear drop la...Caroline, you so bad huh!! :-p

She so kuai so obedient...must sayang her..

Serene said...

Wondering where you place your notebook? ANyway, ANgel is so "guai" leh, at least she will follow ur instruction by standing at the little corner all by herself. Xixi will tercabut if i ask her to stand at her naughty corner!

Ping said...

OMG!!! She really stand at the corner when you voice up your voice. Geng oh! My girl when i scolded her she will look at one side and don't want look at me and say 'throw away'She will speak like that when she angry @__@

Poor little angel! I can imagine the situation. No wonder your heart will melt...even if happen to me my heart will melt too ;p

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, that’s really once in a blue moon case but I am thrilled that at least she ‘cares’ that mummy is not happy with her touching the notebook :) Angel would also ignores me and pretend didn’t hear me at all normally. Normally I didn’t expect her to be obedient and also wouldn’t asked her to be obedient (but I do hope that she will be :P) cause I am afraid that I might mould her into some puppet of mine which is not very healthy. I want her to be able to develop her own personalities healtily but within the acceptable boundary of course then I will be very happy :)
- I didn’t asked her whether she understand what that corner is / for because she can’t communicate with me in words yet :) Even if she tells me I don’t think I can understand her baby language :D

Merryn, kids are just so adorable and naïve :)

2ma, ya … it does bought some tears of happiness in my eyes actually :)

JT, ya … I think Angel understand our adult language more now and she also will sense our feelings and actually admit her own fault by standing there …. I am really happy for her :)

Mummy Gwen, oh … thanks Mummy Gwen, you info is extremely useful to me! *hugs*

Agnes, ya ….. exactly. Especially she is quite ‘active’ at home and always pretended not to hear us then suddenly become so obedient, it really feels extra special!
- Even if I screen lock them and she didn’t manage to see anything on the screen, she will hit the key board real hard *slap forehead*

Rachel, Ya … kids nowadays are really smart … not like our times, until 4 or 5 years old also ngong-goi-goi eating and sleeping hor, hehehe :D Must be the formula milk :P

PeiWun, hahaha .. ya lor, she listen to me leh, I am glad!

Yugene, hahaha …. I didn’t punish her la, she punished herself :P

Serene, my notebook is easily reached, it’s just at the low coffee table beside our sofa in the living room. I can’t shift it to other place because of the cable, etc.
- Angel also trying to run away the very first time I let her stand there but she ran away 10 times, I will put her back there 10 times :)

YenPing, Natalie say ‘throw away’ when she is angry? Hahaha …. What does that mean? She asked you to throw her away ya or someone tells her so?? Hahahaha …. Funny but cute!!
- Normally when I speak firmly to Angel, she will also look at the other side and pretend didn’t hear me, naughty girl she is :D Sometimes she even frown her eye brows as if telling me that “Haiyaaa …. why you scold me again ah, what now??” kekeke … makes me wanna laugh most of the time. But normally I don’t really show her that I am ‘angry’ (even if I am boiling inside) coz I’m afraid that she will picked that up from me (her age now really likes to mimic what I did). :) But when I saw her admit her fault automatically and didn’t pretend not to listen to me, she melts my hearts :)

Esmeralda said...

Hehe... next time when she can talk already, try asking her.. see what she said... sometimes can be really funny lar! *wink*

Lemonjude said...

The standing corner must have strong capture in her mind now...once you scold or shout she sure know where to go...

But anyway, they are always curious thats why they want to touch and put away your notebook if you don't want to get things mess up by her later...rather than u shout and scold her...

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, hahaha … I sure will :P :P Can’t wait for the day that she can actually tell me what she think :)

Judy, that’s just one in a blue moon case coz normally if she misbehave I also told her to stand there but she just ignore me. Ya … actually I will lock my computer most of the time but just that sometimes I want to rush for things, I tends to forget to do so :)

Qistina's Mama n Abah said... touching one la good girl she is..

MommyAngel said...

Sha, ya ... she started to understand what I told her more and more now .... and I am so happy :) I think Qistina is also the same right?