Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crispy Roasted Pork

That day I came across Mikeyoki site that she is making her own Crispy Roasted Pork which makes my hands itchy for a new menu again coz this dish is my hubby’s favourite food. According to Mikeyoki, she says marinate and baked on the 4th days but I totally forgot about my piece of meat in the fridge (coz it’s weekends) so on the 5th day when I opened up the fridge, only I saw my piece of meat is still lying happily inside the cold temperature enjoying it’s cold air con!!! *slap forehead* So I quickly heat up my oven and give it a good roasted but I am using the big oven so the pork doesn’t look cooked at the bottom so I prolonged the roasting period from 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the bottom and 15 minutes on the top. The outcome was more then great (Mikeyoke, you are the best!!!) Once the pork is done, hubby already can’t wait to lay his hands on them and keep asking me when can he ate them. So while I let my roasted pork cold down under the room temperature, hubby has actually helped me to slice them all up nicely without being asked LoL

The outcome is extremely nice and the skin of the pork is very crispy! Hubby loves it very much and so do I. Unfortunately I only manage to do 2 small pieces that day for trial so hubby suggested why not we do a BIG piece on the same afternoon but I told him that the meat has to be marinated for few days …… he seems so disappointed, poor man LoL So at the end, we went and got ourselves a 2kg pork belly and again, without being asked, hubby voluntarily helped me to slit and poke the skin of the pork belly before marinating. Hubby even reminded me EVERY SINGLE DAY and NIGHT to brush vinegar on the pork afraid that I will be forgetting ….. hahahaha!!! That’s really something that never happened before in history!!! I think if I have not stopped him fight from the beginning and warned him never to touch MY MEAT, he would have happily doing the brushing for me every hour and every single minutes too LoL…… but I think the ‘difficult job’ better left to me just to make sure ‘we will have our crispy roasted pork’ at the end of the day :)

I think hubby just can’t wait for another piece of the crispy roasted pork because he really loves it so much until he purposely picked a pork belly which has a thick layer of fats on it!!!! LoL The ‘big day’ will be in a couple of days time before it when into the oven again ( I know I won’t be forgetting this time as hubby surely has started his countdown by now …. :P). I think I shall let Angel have a taste on them too since the other day, all of ‘em was wallop up by hubby before Angel wakes up from her nap :) A big THANK YOU to Mikeyoki for this nice recipe :)

(translate from Yoki's Site)

Crispy Roasted Pork Recipe

1) Pork Belly with skin on
2) Rice Vinegar
3) Salt
4) 5 Spice Powder

1) Wash pork belly and pet dry
2) Poke skin of pork with sharp object (through the skin)
3) Sprinkle and rub a decent layer of salt over the pork
4) Follow with another layer of 5 spice powder over the pork
5) Brush a decent layer of vinegar onto the SKIN of pork (skin only)
6) Put into refrigerator, skin up, uncovered.
7) Repeat step no. 5 every morning and night for a consecutive of 3 days (i.e. brushing vinegar twice a day for 3 days)
8) On the 4th day, roast pork in a preheat 200C oven
9) Start roasting from bottom of pork – 15 minutes
10) Turn skin face up – 15 minutes more
11) Chop and ready to served.


4th & 7th March: Crispy Roasted Pork 2nd (hubby made) and 3rd attempt ^_^


Mummy Moon said...

it looks sooo crispy.Roasted posk is Yan Yan and my hubby favourite too. I wish I can try to make this crispy roasted pork for them..

Esmeralda said...

OMG! U roasted my favourite craving food when I was preggy... and now too.. I love roasted pork provided the skin is crispy, just like wat u did. U r really talented lar Caroline, both baking and cooking... I wished that I have the bravery to try this. Wic part of meat did u buy? U mentioned tat u used pork belly???

Joanne ~ said...

i like 烧肉 more than 叉烧, mmm... so yummy, the pork look so crispy :)

MeRy said...

Caroline, u are really a good chef....can cook so well.

Merryn said...

wah.. u really have the patience to do all this.. as for me.. any meal that takes longer than 15 minutes to cook is out of my list! poor my hubs.. hehehehe..

Oliveoylz said...

I was already drooling when I read the title of the post!!! When I saw the pictures, lagi drool and hungry :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Crispy & Yummy

MommyAngel said...

MummyMoon, ya ...... you should tried since everyone in your family loves it!!!

Esmeralda, you loves roasted pork when you are pregnant? I can’t go near any food which has pork leh that time :) I use PORK BELLY coz roasted pork normally use pork belly so that the oil will help moistened up the meat ...... do you find that when you choose those lean roasted pork from the stall, it will be quite hard to bite??

Joanne, ya....too . Hhmmm..... char sau ah, actually I tried that one but not as nice as the shop selling :)

Mery, no lah ..... This is the first time I roasted it too lar …. Still learning :)

Merryn, hahaha ..... Then lucky you lar!!!! I have no choice la coz I have to justified myself for the post as a housewife ha :)

Olive, hehehehe .... You want some? :P

PeiWun, yes .... crispy and yummy leh!!

Kristie said...

mmmm mouthwatering and yummy.... i just had dinner but would love some of those!!!!

MommyAngel said...

Kristie, hahahaha ..... but tell you, it's really yummy leh, can't wait for my next one :)

Mummy Moon said...

Hi, I have check on the link you provide, but didn't written the amount of salt and the "wu xiang fen' Wondering how much you put, I just worried the outcome is too salty or tasteless without the right measurement, 3 days effort will gone lor! And for the vinegar need to apply a thin layer or more than that?

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...looks soooo crispy and yummy leh. Need to marinate so many days ah? My mum marinate overnite only..hehe..I think. You really good lah so hardworking. Your hubby must be very happy enjoying the crispy pork. ;)

MommyAngel said...

MummyMoon, eerrrmmm ... actually I also agak-agak putting the salt and five spice powder leh ..... I just sprinkled and sprinkled all over the pork just like that and I didn't do measurement for it also leh .... You ask me how much I really don't know coz I just 'put' only but the outcome is ok wor ..... hhmmm .... I think as long as the pork got cover a bit 5 spice powder and the salt is ok liao. As for the vinegar, I apply a thin layer on top. Hopes that helps la.

Wonderful Life said...

Oh my... it looks yummy leh!!

By the way, do you mind to translate the recipe ah?? :P

Esmeralda said...

Yes I love roasted pork when I was pregnant. That time I can't get near fish! Haha... yup if the pork with no fats is quite hard & rough.. I agreed.. and not sweet either...

MommyAngel said...

Doreen, this one is especially for you from the orininal recipe ...... :) But pls aware of the baking time because I find that different oven the time to cook may varies.

Step 1: Choose a pork belly (as big as you like)

Step 2: Clean and dried the pork, make some holes in the pork skin

Step 3: Sprinkled a decent amount of salt and follow by 5 spice powder onto the meat

Step 4: Brush some white vinegar onto the SKIN of the pork

Step 5: Put into the fridge uncovered. Repeat step 4 & 5 every morning and night for consecutive 3 days

Step 6: On the 4th day, roast in a 200 C oven. Start to roast from the bottom of the pork for 15 minutes then the skin of the pork for another 15th minutes. DONE.

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, Oh ..... I can’t get near any fish too but pork I can’t too, don’t know why :)

Wonderful Life said...

Aww... you're so nice lady to translate for me!! Thank you... *hugs*

Let me jot down and shall try it one of these weekends... :)

Thanks again!

Wonderful Life said...

Oh ya, one question... for step 2, make some holes on the skin... use fork? skewer??

MommyAngel said...

Doreen, actually you can use anything that is sharp. I am using my ice crusher :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I saw this recipe in Leann's blog, but to be frank, yours one looked nicer. It is exactly like what is sold at outside. You are very talented.

This is the first time I heard of vinegar could make the pork skin more crispy.

MommyAngel said...

JT, oh ... thank you so much!!! I feel pai seh already leh :)

Oh ... I also don't know what's the function of the vinegar actually but the skin does taste really really crispy!!