Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Food for my Baby Boy

So after much complains from my elder baby boy (he is not that 'baby' anymore actually ......) that only Angel gets all the special treats from mommy, I think it’s not good for playing favourite for my little Angel only, isn’t it? I must admit that I do not enjoy cooking that much and let alone having any talent. Usually before making my babies meal (yup, babies that is!), I really have to crack my head opened and struggle really hard to think of what to cook coz basically, I don’t have much theoretical part about the variety of foods that we can make especially Chinese style cooking. I always full of admiration for those mommies who can really cook and would make so much variety just at a snap of a finger :) They are really creative, dedicated and enjoy cooking so much and I wonder do they even have a menu on the table everyday for their family members to order because they seems to know every single dish in the restaurant, you name it! (The husband must be thrill having such a nice wife at home and the kids must be very happy for having so much nice meal from mommy). For me, I always stares at the bunch of vege and goes blank in my head!!! Hhmmmm …. I wonder why …… ???

Enough of me always grumble so much before cooking ;P and so …… since my elder boy is having all his teeth fully grown by now (Thank God! I can't manage 2 teething babies at the same time!!) and 'not necessarily' to eat porridge any longer, I have decided to make my baby boy a special meal ……. Homemade Roasted Chicken - despite all the dramas after the Baked Fish with Mashed Potatoes incident which I cooked for Angel yesterday :P. I do hope the dish is not too heaty for my baby boy though and with the hope that he could accept his new food well enough while Angel also could have a tiny share on the meal too.

I got this recipe from a very well cook Wokking Mom from here and she is a fabulous cook and an amazing mother too, and so does other moms who cook for their family. To accomplish the dish, I am adding in the usual vege Angel used to take such as carrots and potatoes. So after all the marinade is done and placing the chicken in the oven for 2 hours, I made some vegetable and fruit salad to go with it (good for my baby boy’s poo), a dipping sauce as well as some vege meatball soup (not in the picture) so that my boy will not get choked on dry roasted food. Well, Although the dish is not perfect with some burn on top of the chicken (oppssy ...) but everything seems to be done finally after a busy x 1000 day at home. By now, the kitchen sure was in a mess!! (Ohhh … I hate this part!!) A lot of cleaning up should be done I guess!!

Well ….. I think I should be off the computer for now after posting all up and started to do some cleaning up ...... while waiting for my baby boy to get back from his office lo …. Bye for now :)

P/S: Don't worry, I will just give Angel a taste of some chicken breast with some cereals which she absolutely loves instead of the entire meal :)


Serene said...

What a lucky "Baby Boy" you have!
The roasted chicken must taste very nice!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..'hidden talent' hehe..Looks really yummy, bet yr big baby boy was licking his fingers after the meal. :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually you are a great cook, maybe you just dont have much time to think of a nice recipe.
But I like this dish. It looked yummy and the chicken has crispy skin..

Wonderful Life said...

Nice dish!

Hey, you're better than me la! I know how to cook simple stir fry dish only. However, I don't cook most of the time. Erm, could say I don't cook at all after Ryan came along... all done by my mil! :P

little prince's mummy said...

haha!~ ur 'baby boy' can't complain anymore

MommyAngel said...

Hi Serene, Mummy Gwen, JT, PeiWun, Doreen, thanks guys for your nice comments *blush* Actually I was quite surprised that hubby manages to finished the entire chicken yesterday!! The taste is better then I have expected :)

Doreen, really envy that you have a great MIL who cooks for the family. No need to crack your head thinking what to eat. At least you know simple stir fried .... me ah, even stir fried also have to think very hard because normally I just eat and didn't really pay attention to what's in the dish. So when cooking time, no idea what to cook at all.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww...then means that your dish is really taste good. Thats why, confident with what you have prepared, hehe..See, your husband can finish the whole chicken. IMPRESSED!

MommyAngel said...

JT, ya lor, I think he is very hungry that day LoL