Friday, September 12, 2008

At last, Hubby Got A Lantern ….. ?

I have delegated an important task to hubby since last month …. That is to look for a lantern for our Angel! It is very important because this is Angel’s first lantern since she was still a baby when we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival last year. It’s only few days away from the Festivals but I yet to see any lantern from hubby yet but hubby assured me, he will “gao-tim” (settle things)!!! So yesterday night, hubby came home happily and shows me a plastic bag.

Hub: TA DAAA!!!! ….. See? I said I will “gau tim” la, I have found the Lantern!!!
Me: Really?? Well done dear …… Quick! Let me see!!
Hub: I have skipped my lunch just to search for this, so hungry now ….. (making the pitiful face ...)
Me: You poor man …. But dear, the lantern you bought ……
Hub: Nice or not? The red one is for Angel …… and I got some extras too just in case :)
Me: But I thought you'll will buy something similar to this (while showing Joanne Mommy’s lantern for Sarah in her blog as pic below)
Hub: Ooo ….. but I didn’t see any of that wor. That is niceeeeeeeee ……… (Admiring Sarah’s lantern)
Me: ……....... (don’t know what to say)
Hub: But ….. the one I bought also very nice ….. very traditional ‘feel’ leh, just like the one we used to play (or burn to be more accurate??) when we were still kids. I didn’t know that they make such nice lanterns nowadays :(
Me: Ooo .... don’t worry, I think Angel will definitely love the lantern la since it’s her beloved daddy who skipped lunch to buy for her. I think I will secure it with a chopsticks la :)

Sigh, hubby is still hubby! But ……… I am glad that he has ‘tried his very best’ (in his terms) in getting an appropriate ‘lantern’ for his little girl at least :) That lantern will surely be very meaningful to Angel (and very memorable to me) because it’s the first lantern given by her Daddy. I think Hubby also first time buying these kind of stuffs la, he is still a baby, see??? :P :P Most importantly, we can spend this meaningful festival as a family of 3 together and also, with a 'less then expected’ lantern
to brighten up our Mid-Autumn night :) :) Happy Mid-Autumn everyone!!!!

P/s: Thank you Joanne, for letting me used the picture of your Sarah's lantern over here ya. Hope you don't mind about the extra 'blink blink' I've added :) Thanks a lot Joanne!! *hugs* :)


Lybil said...

Hahaha ... Guys will always give you surprises!I learned not to judge their decision with a girl's mind :D Better don't put candles inside lor ... Happy Mid-Auntumn Festival!!!

little prince's mummy said...

At least, Angel got a lantern now~~~ Daddy skipping lunch to buy 1 wor.. my hubby n I haven't found any suitable yet, until now~~~ hope we can find for sean real soon...
Happy Mooncake Festival to Angel & family

Serene said...

Hahaha! When i first look at the picture i really thoughts wow, why this lantern looks so familiar?? Scroll down and down... and i see.....
Anyway, ur hubby did sacrify his lunch leh.. Angel so lucky has a nice daddy!!

Happy Mid-Autumn to you and little Angel!!

Wonderful Life said...

Yeah... I thought your hubby bought the same one like Sarah's lantern! Hahah...

Nevermind, the one he bought is also nice & traditional type. How about add in some decorations to the lantern by sticking some cute cute cartoon stickers on the lantern? Hehe... ;)

Wonderful Life said...

Oopps forgot to wish...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you & family!! Have a nice weekend!! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha...hubby bought the traditional lantern ah. :) At least it's bought with love and some sacrifice from daddy hor..hehe..I'm so going to get Gwen one lantern tomorrow.;)

Happy Mid Autum Festival to you and family.

Contentedmom said...

oh...little angel is so sweet....she is all so attentive looking at that "chopstick" looking thingy...heehee...happy midautumn festival...njoy yummy mooncakes...cheers

MommyAngel said...

Hi HN, ya …. What a ‘surprise’, I don’t mind the good one more often though :) Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family.

PeiWun, Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family and Happy searching for little Sean’s lantern ya :)

Hi Serene, Hahaha …. How I wished hubby could get the one like Sarah’s lantern too :) :) Ya lor ….. at least he found a lantern, better then no lantern la :) Happy Mid-Autumn to you and Xixi :)

Doreen, you are so cute la. Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family too :) I also wish I could decorate the lantern a bit but like what I told hubby just now, Although I wished to decorate the lantern but no where to start coz the lantern is rippled at the side so if I were to stick a sticker on, the sticker will look crooked LOL

Mummy Gwen, Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family. And also, happy searching for a nice and cute lantern for your little Gwen ya. At least she gets to choose her lantern so it shouldn’t be a problem. :) :)

Hi Irene, Thanks for dropping by and Happy Mid-Autumn to you and your family too :) Eerrrmmm …. Actually ……….. ‘that thingy’ REALLY is a chopstick! (That’s why she keeps looking at it) So Angel is having a very ‘traditional’ paper lantern (by daddy) with a disposable chopstick handle (by mommy, but I really couldn’t find any other better substitution then that), so you can imagine how ‘conventional’ that is, LOL

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is a nice red tanglong bought by your husband mah..
actually i think nowadays is very difficult to get those lantern that I have. I am just being lucky to get it at my place here.
I really did not know that you are looking for this type of lantern, or else I will make an effort to send you one.
Dont worry Caroline, Angel will love her new lantern.

* you are most welcome about the photo...hehe. I love the lantern with blink2.

MommyAngel said...

Hi JT, it's so nice for you to offer :) Ya, I think Sarah's lantern is nice and actually I am looking for those similar with Sarah's one but I thought hubby aware of that, hehehe. Well, I think Angel will love anything from her daddy la coz at least daddy didn't break his promise ma, right :) Thanks again :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are welcome.