Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Allergies (Part 2)

I brought Angel to her paediatrician few days back and her doctor told us that those red rashes were an allergy reaction from Angel's body, most likely from the things she touched but also could be from the food she takes. I remember last time when Angel was diagnosed for cow milk intolerance, it was 3 months after she consumed those cow milk formula that she had an allergenic reactions. So I have stopped feeding her any new type of food for the moment being and also started to ‘double’ vacuum and mop each and every inch of our house with more Dettol, clean all her toys and washed all her blankets, sheets (and ours too) in 60c hot water plus more Dettol!! Can you imagine that I have used up a big bottle of Dettol solution in just 2 days? I do not know what else I can do but clean, clean, clean and clean. I have been so busy being a 'cleaner' these few days and after all the cleaning ups, the entire house does smell like a hospital :) I also don’t know whether this will help but I really do not want to see my little girl suffers from this nasty allergy problem again. It might not be coming from our house but I just do not want to risk it. As for when she goes out ….. I think I need to be extra careful of all the things that she touches and plays with. Sometimes, I will wipe the handle and seats of the shopping trolley’s before I let Angel sits in it which I did get some strange looks from other shoppers …… they must be thinking that this mommy is a ridiculous clean-freak!

After taking the prescribed medicines, her allergy seems to be under controlled but unfortunately, not any better …… me and Angel have not been sleeping well too for the past few days because obviously, Angel’s tiny hands and feet are very itchy which makes her wakes up very often in the middle of the night crying for me. As in the day, she is very cranky and always wants my attention all the time, poor girl. Luckily her medicine does make her napping longer so that I could do some cleanings plus ready her meals. If she is not getting better by the day after tomorrow, I will bring her to the doctor again. It’s sad to see my little Angel not feeling well but I am not overly worried …… at least I know that she is in good hands. So I guess my decisions of letting go of a fabulous job is not that bad after all :)


Mummy Gwen said...

Mother love knows no bound. U r a great mommy. Don't despair, I'm sure Angel's condition will be better soon. Just monitor closely if those fluffy toys, carpet and whatever that emits dust that causes the allergic reactions. Hope Angel recovers soon. :)

Wonderful Life said...

I hope she feels better now!

Got any photos of the skin allergy??
I wonder how does it look like.

little prince's mummy said...

Hope Angel recovers real soon...
U're really a great mum! Ganbatte! Hopefully u can find the cause of her allergy...

MommyAngel said...

Hi Mummy Gwen, Doreen, PeiWun, thanks for your concern, you have been a great friend and I really appreciate that. Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture a clearer picture of Angel's allergy. Anyway, will bring her to her paed again tomorrow so I am hoping for the best. I just wish that she will get well soon. Thanks again guys :)

Serene said...

Caroline, you let go a good job and become SAHM? That's a big sacrifice leh!
Poor Angel, i hope she get well soon! Mummy must take good care too ya! =)

Not only you, i will bring wet wipes most of the times when go out. I will wipe table top, high chair or trolleys before let Xixi sit on it. Just to play safe..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Pity Angel..I am sure those rashes really makes her very itchy. And is quite tough for you to not having enuf sleep and rest.
Please take k of yourself.
And hope Angel will recover soon.

the little prince said...

Mummy Angel doing a GREAT JOB!

You are so good in the cleaning n recording her food intake.

I have seen some cases on this rashes, sometimes by luck where u meet the right doctor. Just my suggestion, may look for another paed or skin specialist for BABY/KIDS only ( I forgot the contact, let me recall then let you know if I can get)

Some relatives kids try the chinese medicine, some works some not, it depend on the kids skin n body condition.

Take good care of yourself cos u need to take care of Little Angel!

MeRy said...

Hope little Angel gets well soon!!

MommyAngel said...

Hi Serene, hehehe …. Ya lor, I used to have a fabulous and well paid job :) Somehow, deep down inside it’s really torturing to see my girl being with a nanny and always come home sick and have a harsh voice due to excessive crying maybe …….. so now I am a happy SAHM, treasure every single moments spending with my girl :) Thanks for you concern ya :)

Hi Joanne, Thanks you very much. I too hope that she will get better soon :)

Hi Yugene, thanks for you kind words. Ya …. Totally agrees with what you said and thanks for sharing so much great info with me, I think you have given me some great idea in dealing with Angel’s situation. I will look into it and really hope that Angel will get well soon. Thank you once again, you have been great help!

Hi Mery, thanks for your concern :)