Wednesday, March 02, 2011


By looking at the constant price hike in the commodity products nowadays always makes me have a feeling that our hard earned salary will never ever catch up with the rises in price! The cost of living especially in the city is getting higher and higher day by day which sadly but in reality is normally resisted by lowering our standards of living. Recently, there was a price increase in petrol again in the city where I am staying now. It has already become a norm that everyone would talked and complain about but nothing can be done.

With a family with 2 kids, I am thankful that I do not need to worry about food, clothing, diapers, formula and other stuffs which involved money. But I must admit that from the day that I conceived my Angel, I have this constant worries about her/their educational fees (university especially) in 10 or 20 years' down the lane as I have seen how much my parents has paid for my graduate and post graduate degree years back. And I am so thankful that I managed to get hold of a scholarship in the end which has lessen their burden tremendously, which I am not sure whether both my girls will be that lucky in the future. That is indeed a big chunk of money involved there and tell me that I need not worry too much?

Savings in the bank will depreciate against time where their value will not fluctuate against the pace of price hike. I am not hoping much from the teeny weeny interest rates given by the bank will do any good counteracting the inflation either. So lately, me and hubby was thinking about investments, something which never ever come across our mind until recently.

One of the various investments that we were looking at was the mutual fund. I think it would be great for my girls educational fund. We were planning to allocate a fixed amount of money every month for that purposes over the long haul hoping that it will generate a fair amount of returns in the long run. I am yet to find out what are the impact and how much that we have to invest in order to achieve what we are planning for but I am sure I will be able to find useful advices and services from some of the best online trading company in the market.

As for our retirements, I think property is a good choice but I doubt that we could afford a house in such a short term. Another option would be investing in shares but I am not so sure whether I could take the ups and downs of the share markets personally as yet before having a heart attack. And if that's the case, I think it's better off for me to start scrutinizing my list of best online trading brokerage and leave the job to the hands of the professional while sipping my cup of coffee on my cozy chair and keep track of my account freely from my own cozy home.

Or course, some other option would be investing in gold and commodities, etc but I am still evaluating the pros and cons of all the investment options available.

I am just hoping that we could get a decent return in our investments for the future that we could afford our girls educational cost while still being able to maintain our living standards during the time of our retirement.


CathJ said...

Something that parents have to discuss about. When I get married we never think much with all this.. until I have my boy.. that also we don't really take it seriously..

Until a good friend of us introducing a saving planning thru the insurance company (We choose the prudential company).. we start paying for our boy life and saving insurance at the age of 7 days.. ^_^..

For me that was actually a good amount to support our boy education in future already. but hubby not satisfied. So me as a bumiputera here in Msia, I thought of the ASB.. for kids start with ASD (Amanah saham didik).. Luckily my boy was eligible for it.. and we dump a big amount there for the sake of our boy future.

now.. 2nd one coming... I say man... another investment have to be ready.. *BOTAK*