Saturday, February 05, 2011

Need Some Supplements

Hello guys! We just came back from our holidays and hope that you guys are having a great time too.

Angel is acting extra cranky on our first day arriving Hong Kong and I was totally worn out and moody. It might be something to do with my PMS too making the entire day so unbearable especially after traveling for such long hours. How I wish that there was some kind of PMS aid that I have brought along or I shouldn't have been so forgetful to bring along her toys and books just to keep her occupied during the trip! However, I am glad that she is behaving ok from the 2nd days onwards.

Although it was tiring but it was a great trip! We were doing so much shopping until both hubby and myself are having knee and joint pain due to excessive walking and carrying the shopping bag while pushing little Angel in the stroller or carrying her when she refused to sit down. I must admit that age is catching up and looks like it's time for myself and hubby to start doing some decent daily exercise training plus getting ourselves some good supplements such as the krill oil supplements. Krill oil is proven to help lessen PMS mood swing, increase brain function, promote joint health and many more other great benefits which I absolutely needed at this moment.

I prefer krill oil over fish oil as it is 54 times more potent in DHA and EPA found in the fish oil. The most wonderful thing was, it has all the goodness in fish oil minus the many flaws and smells from the fish oil which hubby absolutely hates! It also helps reduces damages from free radicals thus slower sign of aging. Isn't that too good to be true?


Sha@Mama Tina said...

I really miss to chat with u caroline.. hug for angel & anna ok!

Small Kucing said...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Alice Law said...

krill oil... 1st time heard of it, will sure check it out!^-^ Remember to update us with your Hk tour!;D

CathJ said...

Mmm... Krill oil.. never heard of it.. but sound good.. ^_^