Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roof Tumbling Down

No no! It’s not that we are having earth quake or typhoon here but that’s how the situation at home at the moment when Angel’s ‘Terrible 2’ symptoms starts to kick in lately. I can hear Angel’s grandma raising her voice more and more everyday until the whole neighborhood could hear her voice (as she herself put it :P :P) while at the same time Angel was screaming on the top of her voice crying and fighting back in order to get what she wants. She has been such a sweet-sweet girl for the past few weeks then suddenly, she starts throwing tantrums very often and making these fake weeping which eventually turned into a real cry! Or worst she would scream-crying on the top of her voice to the point that her face turning red just because someone clean away her plate of rice that she has left behind for hours, or she wants to blow bubbles inside the shopping malls but we told her to wait instead, or she insisted to hold her plate of rice and walk with it then suddenly the rice tipped over and all spilled on the floor :( Distracting her attention seems to getting tougher as she could recalled quite well what she was ‘fighting’ for and doesn’t seems to be easily distracted by other stuffs as previously would! She wants it means she wants it now and it can last for a good 10 – 15 minutes while she will still be crying terribly for that particular things that she wants.

Sometimes she would called us and before she could get a responses, she would hit us hard in frustration then only realized what she did and then cry out loud in frightening, frustration and feeling sorry all at the same time. Sometimes out of a sudden, she would whipped for no reason (or reason that we couldn’t identify) and try seeking for our attention and if we do not attended to her immediately, she would be screaming at a horrible voice as if she wanted to scream out loud in anger but still controlling her frustration by lowering her voice. When we asked her what happened she would gave us her pity look while pounding on the floor as if she is feeling mad but don’t know how to express herself.

From my observation, she is certainly entering into the terrible 2 stage where a lot of if not all kids her age are going through at the moment. They wanted to do things following their way and their will but yet, they have been constrains with their limited abilities and also the massive DOs and DON’Ts for some reason that they might not want to accept the fact that things are doing it that way. Their world are still evolved in the “individualistic” stage but the true fact is, it’s not and it’s still too hard for them to actually understand. Hence most of the time, they would meltdown in response to frustration and resulted in a crying and angry kid in the making. Any cure for that? At the moment, I find giving her a big loving hug and stroking her head telling her everything was OK and then trying to reason with her after she has calm down seems to work better on her. Of course apart from that, mommy also trying to take a few more then a few deep breathe in order to control the blood pressure :P Any other better ‘magic tricks’ to all mommies who have been through this before???

On the other hand, Angel’s grandma seems to think that this naughty little girl bad behavour simply due to a lack of few good ‘lessons’ already and need a good ‘yelling’ in order to teach her to behave!!! She even said that she would have heart attack soon if there were another Angel no. 2 for her to take care. *laugh* Oh well, I can’t deny that her yell-scolding works wonders some times too (and she totally belief in that) but like I have said, the roof might be tumbling down soon from the yelling and crying in the house lately.

Angel, Angel, when can you be less naughty + fuss lesser and be a happy smiling little Angel again????


Linda said...

it's a phase... hopefully it will go away soon.... just need to control your blood pressure... go somewhere and calm yourself down when you get frustrated... Yeah reasoning after she calm down works better rather than reasoning when she is in the middle of screaming or crying...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

yeah...it is a phase that each child goes through. Ashley used to drive me up the wall. Things will be better when the child is older :D

Cynthia said...

keep cool mummy.. I am sure Angel will understand that one day..

coffeesncookies said...

Looks like she's having difficulty expressing herself and discovering her emotions, ie her ability to be angry, happy and your reactions. My girl went through that too, it got better but now's she's going through another phase ie testing your limits, playing leader aka commander of the house, *sigh* .. hope it'll pass soon too.
BTW, record down some of her screaming moments. It'll be good memories for you and great momentos for her :)

Merryn said...

I'm sure she still looks cute while doing all those! Blek.. Ethan is two already too and everyday, I cross my fingers, toes, hair and anything that can be crossed for him not to be as terrible as the terrible two can be!

Cath J said...

T_T... T_T... I am lately become like Angel's grandma already... My JJ was quite stubborn now a days.. like Angel.. He want everything like magic.. What I mean is.. If he say he want milk.. he want it NOW!!! He don't want to know if the hot water was finished and mommy need sometimes to boil the water... he will shout like crazy..*opps*... until the milk is on his hand..

I have to turn my voice volume into high sometimes to control situation... T_T (and I hate to do that.. ;-p) Giving him times out every time will make him get used to it.. (But he really scared of that.. ;-p)

Mummy Gwen said...

It's a phase. At that age, she don't understand that sometimes she can't always get what she wants. Just stand your ground and explain to her after she had calmed down. It shall pass. :)

the little prince said...

OMG...the roof tumbling down!! :-)

I am about to face it although my boy not yet two!! ..... my hubby said next will be the shopping complex roof tumbling then!!

little prince's mummy said...

Oh! I hope Angel and mummy will get thru terrible 2 a.s.a.p.

Hope angel show her sweet sweet smiling face always!

Contentedmom said...

oh dear..that sounded like Ethan too...he has gotten demanding and unreasonable in recent times. Sigh. Terrible 2 that is

2ma said...

angel will outgrow that soon. just be a little more patience for now... whenever you feel like "bursting", just think back of those sweet little things angel does that makes you smile!

MeRy said...

Caroline, Need to cool down urself i handling Angel's behavior...Drink ice water to cool urself down.

Mummy In Vain said...

haha.....i myself has lost control long time ago. i don't have a better trick but yelling and scolding everyday. my son is 4 years + lor, but seems getting more and more mischievious each day. is there anything called "terrible 4" ??!!

Kristie said...

I'm trying to be patient with Jayden too... he shows his frustration too when he can't get or do what he wants... I always have to tell myself... chill mama... now I'm telling, chill mama caroline :)

Mummy Moon said...

Huhuh, this angel situation look alike Heng Heng! Is this called too degil! Act the way they like, get what they want! Perhaps Angel need SOFT more than HARD ! Heng Heng is like that too, if we are to fight with him or against on what he does, she get frustrated! But some how if I turn softer and praise him first in order to scold him, he can take it. Says like he climb up the table and trying to get the food. People see this must shout a him or order him to come down. But he sure against what you say. So I try to do this way, praise him, Heng Heng clever boy, clever clever boy, come down to mummy here. Like that he can listen . haha

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah sometimes also feel frustrated over small matters and sometimes the worst is, I do know why she feel down and upset about. So she will very "mang zang" and will keep repeating the words to me till I get her point.

I also used the similar way as yours, asked her to calm down and talk slowly to me. And it worked too.

MommyAngel said...

Linda, so far I am still able to cool myself down most of the time :) Yes, reasoning after she calm down really works better ….

Mommy to Chumsy, I do hope so …. Fingers crossed!!

Cynthia, I do hope so too :)

Coffeesncookies, it looks like what you have said and thanks so much for pointing it out :) Somehow, her ‘frustration’ seems to subside a lot …. I wonder why?

Merryn, hahaha …. You are right too, after she is doing all the fussing, she does looks cute and we will have a good laugh about it after all :P :P I don’t think that Ethan will have terrible 2 coz I find not all kids will have it :)

Cath, Oh ya, when she wants something, she really mean it NOW NOW NOW just like your JJ. You sure understand that better then me coz your JJ also the same ya? But it’s good that he is scared of time out! At least that’s the way to teach rather then he cry mommy shout, we can stay cool too :)

MummyGwen, yup and thanks for the support and advice. After a few days of explaining and acting, I think she gets what I mean already leh ….. hopefully la, we’ll wait and see.

Yugene, hahahaha …. Ya lor, roof tumbling down! Hahahaha …. If they did that in the shopping mall ah, I really pai seh loh, no more shopping in that case :( But don’t worry la, your Kyle will be kuai-kuai one :)

Peiwun, thanks for you support!! Let’s hope for the best :)

Irene, yes … definitely demanding and unreasonable! I guess that’s why they call it terrible 2 and I am glad that it’s just a phase :)

2ma, no need to think back those sweet little things, once she start calm down, I am totally fall in love with her again *smile*

Mery, hahahaha …. I think Angel’s grandma needs to cool down more then me as I am always being lable as ‘the soft mommy’ :P :P Drink cool water will help ah? Hahahahaha :P

MummyInVain, harrrr??? Till 4 years old ah? Don’t scared me leh … I am still praying that it will totally be gone by 1 year’s time :(

Kristie, hahahaha …. Yes, Chill Mama and most importantly Chill Grandma :P :P

MummyMoon, hahahaha … ‘too degil’ ah? Hahahahahaha ….. but you are so right, Angel also respond better when using the ‘soft’ methond!!!!!! But somehow not all people will use that especially Angel’s grandm, hahahahaha, poor grandma!! Somehow when Angel is with her, she did better when she is using hard method on her, maybe she is more pro with the hard method then the soft method as she has no idea on where to start with the soft method. So I think while she uses the hard method and me using the soft method, it will create a balance it that too I hope. Thanks for sharing, I think your tips is very useful :) I did the same too :)

Joanne, Oh ya …. My Angel also will become very ‘mang zang’ sometimes too and keep repeating the word which is not a word actually, so sometimes I also become very mang zang trying to figure out what does she mean. But so far I think she is still ok and becoming more settle down these few days, phew!
- but sometimes if you can't figure out what Sarah is talking, then what did you do??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Angel also will be like that, mang zhang when you can't get what she said.

When Sarah mang zhang, I will even more difficult to understand her words. So normally I will say.."SHhhh" (silent). I told her to silent for a while. I said, "talk slowly to mommy, mommy can't hear you clearly when you are like that.".
Then she seems understand and finally I can get what she is trying to say.