Sunday, July 05, 2009

To A Wonderful Friend - Yoki

This is such a back dated and belated post but still, I would like to put it up and say a big Thank You to a super wonderful Multiply friend of mine, YOKI for her wonderful gesture and trouble she took to sent me these lovely gifts for me and Angel :)

Thank you so much Yoki .... I really appreciate your kindness and I love the egg mould so much, would definately try the oat prawn (I think I will be hook by it :P) as well as those lovely gifts for my little Angel. I can't wait till I see them in person soon (as you know, I am still away :P ) *hugs and kisses to u*

Nice gifts from Sweet Sweet Yoki


Cath J said...

Sooo nice somebody thinking off you... ^_^

MommyAngel said...