Friday, June 12, 2009

How She Became ‘Bad Girl’.

^ ^ Angel ready to go Shopping!

I find that I hardly post about Angel’s outing here. Maybe because I am a lazy mommy, lazy to sort out the tonnes of pictures which I normally took. So if we out travelling with Angel or going out for the weekends which I will take ‘more then 1 or 2’ of Angel’s pictures, I will transfer them into my external hard drive and told myself that I will sort them out and upload in my blog ‘tomorrow’ which never happens often LoL I think I have come to around 40 - 50Gb of Angel’s picture at this moment (most pix is only 5m of resolution only just to save space in my SD card, and I even deleted similar poses too!) so I don’t know whether that’s a lot. I wonder how many pictures you mommies have taken for your little ones at this moment?

^ ^ Angel is Happily waiting ... then Patiently Waiting ... then Tolerably waiting ... and then Annoyingly waiting for her meal! She must be thinking how come it takes so long for the food to arrived??? *LoL Kids!!!

^ ^ Oh ... Angel's FIRST taste of hot dogs!! But too bad she was only allowed to have 2 bites only, bad mommy!! But she don't really like the taste and make a funny face after eating, maybe it's too salty for her?

^ ^ Snack and drink which she don't get to see and eat very often but is absolutely crazy about them! Her beloved French Fries with Ketchup and Coke!

^ ^ Thomas and Train Rail Tracks!! She just can't gets her eyes and hands off those! :)

So after our tummy was filled up, we brought Angel to the toy section to purchase something and she was extremely attracted to this Thomas and Friends gigantic rail track! (Nope, we didn't get that for her if that's what in your mind now :P Too bad .....). I am still surveying around for a smaller and decent size Thomas Train Set. When it’s time to leave, she is cry, shouting, kicking and even lied down on the floor and throw tantrums as normally would again showing us she don’t want to leave YET!! After a few “OK, 5 more minutes ya ok?” and/ or “We will come back next week.” .... etc and still, she would turned a deaf ear to what we said, we have no choice but to “carry” her out from the store again as usual.

^ ^ Familiar scene isn’t it? When we are out, that’s hubby normal mission or normal ‘exercises’ :P :P That’s already around 10 minutes after we left the toy section and already walking to the other end of the shopping mall but still, she keep retaliating and insisted that she wants to walk herself back to the store LoL

So back home when I do the transfer and sorted out Angel’s pictures in my computer with Angel sitting beside me (she likes to look at her own pictures) that night, this particular picture ^ ^ above appears on the screen. I find it so funny and start teasing her with, “ Nah .... Angel 坏蛋 (huai-dan / naughty)!! See???” and continue with the other pictures. When I scrolled back on this picture again, suddenly Angel pointed on herself at the computer screen and said, “Noh~~坏蛋!!!” *Slap forehead* I didn’t realized that she actually remembers what I said earlier! I feel a little bit sorry about teasing her as '坏蛋' hoping that she would forget about what I said the very next day!

The next day when I do the transfer of the pictures from my computer to my external hard drive and came to this picture again, I show it to her and she remembers it actually and pointed at the pictures and said, “ Noh ~~ ......” *long silent .... and think hard for the right word* and obviously she can’t remember the word '坏蛋' (huai-dan) anymore and what a relief!! Just seconds before I smile in relief at her, suddenly she said, “NOH ~~ BAD GIRL!!!” loud and clear pointing at the picture of hers! Oh my, she actually kind of knows the meaning of 坏蛋 = ‘bad girl’ to my surprise!!

So if you asked her who is 'Bad Girl' or '坏蛋' now, she will be pointing to herself on the chest giving you a big sweet smile!! *LoL* Kids are just so straight forward, so sweet and so naive :)



yeah, know what you mean. mine also like that lar now ... cry until whole world see us. sleep on the mall floor. biasalah. just wait for this phase to be over and start the terrifying 3 lah soon! gosh!

Cynthia said...

I think all kids (include you and me) have a way to throw tantrums right? hahha.. enjoy mummy before she grows and you will miss her being 坏蛋!

Maggie said...

oh my..... sweet angel... she actually knows she shudnt do it but she stil jus still too young to understand the bad & good, the do & dont....

Lybil said...

Haha, those scenes look so familiar to me too :D You really have one very sweet girl Mommyangel :)


MommyAngel said...

Family First, OMG ... there is another terrifying 3 soon too?? @_@

Cynthia, I think most kids have their naughty level but I must admit that mine is level MAX since she was born! Yes .... I am trying to enjoy every moment of it coz I know for sure, it all will turn back to the sweetest memories ever walking down the lane especially those mischief moments of our little ones :)

Maggie, yes … that’s kid. Sometimes they will do whatever it’s forbidden too just to test our limits. Sometimes like you’ve said, they seems do not understand very well what we explain to them now so at the mean time, if explaining and sweet talk doesn’t work, I just need to do whatever it’s necessary to get things done lo. But I am sure when they gets older, they will understand more and cooperate more …. I hopeFamily First, OMG ... there is another terrifying 3 soon too?? @_@

Cynthia, I think most kids have their naughty level but I must admit that mine is level MAX since she was born! Yes .... I am trying to enjoy every moment of it coz I know for sure, it all will turn back to the sweetest memories ever walking down the lane especially those mischief moments of our little ones :)

Maggie, yes … that’s kid. Sometimes they will do whatever it’s forbidden too just to test our limits. Sometimes like you’ve said, they seems do not understand very well what we explain to them now so at the mean time, if explaining and sweet talk doesn’t work, I just need to do whatever it’s necessary to get things done lo. But I am sure when they gets older, they will understand more and cooperate more …. I hope :)

HN, hahahaa …. Ya, that’s the phase of a kid growing ups. I have my turn too decades ago :)

HN, hahahaa …. Ya, that’s the phase of a kid growing ups. I have my turn too decades ago :)

LittleLamb said...

Thanks for the advance tip. So far Philip dont show this yet. Or is it i dont bring him out often..hahahhaha

no worries caroline..just a phase..

Merryn said...

oh, she is such a BAD girl! LOL. .cute! i like the patiently waiting for her food.. sooo super cute there! u dress her up well when she goes out, looks so sweet n girlish! :D

P/S: Luckily the 'bad girl' has a strong daddy that can carry her while she is throwing tantrum! my hubs is skinnier than a lizard! @@

Cath J said...

Girls is made to be taken the photo.. lol..

mine.. I think not much...hahaha..only when he was still a baby...

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..your Hubby can carry Angel until like that...very stylo lah..haha. Some more Angel looks like walking on air like that..hehe. He is really strong. Gwen throw less this kind of tantrums now, she used to be like that...refusing to go especially to places with toys that kids can sit down and play. Now she is almost 3, she is more understanding but once or twice we will experience this once in a fullmoon.

Maybe you can distract her from the place by giving her some snacks and slowly remove her from the place? Or tell her you bring her somewhere else? It's definitely a phase. Hang in there.

BTW, her 2 tocang is very cute and she looks lovely in that dress. I tell you, I also took alot of photos of Gwen and also kept it in the external hard disk..hahaha.

Mummy Moon said...

Hehe, So lovely post. Kids is like that, they will never want to leave the toys department!

Kristie said...

Angel is so pretty! I've always loved her big round eyes :)

She is definitely a smart girl :)

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

How sweet now she know and able to understand what do you mean to her. I am waiting for this now.. but frankly speaking that angel is cute and adorable. Cant take my eyes from her pony tail and her round cute.

The scene is normal is it for a family with kids...

Mommy to Chumsy said... is a familiar scene. Mine used to roll on the floor like a bollywood actress lah. all kids love ketchup and french fries huh?

Lemonjude said...

Angel sure knows how to pose in front of the camera now...such a cheeky pie...

Next time, when she refuse to go, try to distract her by saying go buy another of her favourite toy or bring sweets to lure her away..hope it works..instead making her cry all the way..

The Thomas train track reminds me, that day we were at Jusco Maluri and passby that. Of coz my boy saw that and take a look at the moving train and hold on the train too. I was so piss off of on the promoter there try to snatch back in rough from my boy..OMG! she really not suitable to place in toy department...

2ma said...

fries & coke are kids best friend *haha* shan leo will always choose a meal that comes with fries!! *shake head* we hv no one to blame but ourselves coz fries are our favourites too *haha*

the little prince said...

Angel is good girl boy will always climb out from his high chair while waiting for the food!! :-p

Linda said...

haha.. Angel was waiting for the food so cutely.... can i give her cheek a pinch? :)

my ziyi throwing tantrums can still be countable with my fingers. luckily she seldom demand me to buy anything for her... because from the beginning i set the rules, "mama choose, papa pay money, ziyi play/read books"

only when she goes to playground, i need to be very patient to get her to finish off. Currently, i like to use her favourite sweets to bribe her... she can get to have the sweets after she finish wearing her own socks and shoes and nicely buckle up in the strollers....

or when everything doesn't work, my last resort would be, "ziyi.. u sleep there, mama n papa is going home", and she would quickly running towards us... .. but sometimes.. this doesn't work either...

but when ziyi did throw tantrum, i just "forcefully" buckle her up in the stroller, and start to push away from the "crime" scene.. hehe... and try to ask her questions about something else to distract her attention.

Guess Angel "naughtiness" what makes her so excel in other things like drawing...

ChloeRuoyi said...

She's soooo adorable! Esp love the waiting for food pics and love her big, bright eyes :-)

We r quite lucky in the sense that Chloe never throws tantrums in the malls, maybe cos we go shopping TOO OFTEN, every weekend without fail haha...

Esmeralda said...

Angel so cute lar - wanna pose for you. I'm still having no success with taking good photos of Ashton posing for me coz it's seldom that he will do that.

Haha... so funny she can recognise that she's the 'bad girl' oredi.. your girl is definitely growing up and understand a lot of things ya... and my.. she can even translate the 'huai dan' into 'bad girl' some more... clever...

Serene said...

OMG.. she is super cute! I love the picture of her waiting "tolerably" and "annoyingly"... hahah! Can i pinch you or not Angel?

Looking at the picture that daddy carry Angel... I'm thinking daddy sure has a very strong arm. Next time don't bring her to toys department la, so daddy's arm can have a good rest too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

No Huai Dan lah...just a normal behaviour on how kiddo throw tantrum.

Correct me if I am wrong..
Is it the first time I see Angel wearing dress?
Anyway, she is cute with it and also the coconut hair. I like it.
Now only I saw, some more got red colour nice!

I super like the photos that you took when she was waiting for her food.
So what will she do next if the food really served late?

Seeing her enjoy drinking the coke, making me want to drink too.
Oh my, she really have a big pair of eyes. So pretty!

All the pics you took, was using hp?

MommyAngel said...

Rachel, we have no choice but wherever we go, Angel has to tag along :) I think Philip will not act that way coz he is not like that since young, is he? Angel is a super duper active and determine baby since she was born and not the terrible 2 stage …. walau!

Merryn, normally that’s how I dressed her up when we go out every weekend :) I hardly post her outing pictures coz lazy to sort out the pix, hehehe … lazy mommy :)
- hahahaha ….. you are so funny la how you describe your hubby!! Hahahahahaha ….. sometimes skinny doesn’t mean that he is weaker you know ……. That’s true!!!

Cath, you are one lucky mommy :) No wonder you bring him anywhere with you :)

MummyGwen, no choice leh coz carrying her on the arms, she strangle and wants to free herself and walk back to the shop leh.
- yes, actually Angel is doing her ‘air walking’ in the picture there and scream her lungs out so hubby have to take her to one side and let her calm down lo.
- Angel is always like that when we go out for our weekend shopping coz there was so much things which attracts her attention …. When she is at home she is more ok. Can’t believe that we bring her out since she was 1 month old and until now, she still behave like this ya ……
- I do hope that she will be getting better once she starts to understand more … there is some improvements already but not when it comes to the malls with toys / books.
- ya …. I will try those you suggested again and see whether it works for her, thanks for your advice Mummy Gwen.

Mummy Moon, yes …. There is 2 places Angel will surely behave like this, one is the toy department and one is book stores.

Kristie, thanks ….. she is a notty notty girl that day.

MommyAngel said...

Sha, Thanks for your nice words. Yes …. Sometimes I did see kids behave that way too but I can tell you, Angel is those extreme one :) Trust me ….. you will notice her existence just by hearing her voice :)

Mummy to Chumsy, hahahaha ….. roll on the floor like a bollywood actress ya?? Kekekeke …. I like the way you describe it :P Mine not yet roll on the floor, but she did sleep on the floor and refuse to make a move though … everybody was watching her until I drag her away! @_@

Judy, Thanks for your advice dear …. I will try your way next time to see whether it works for Angel or not. But most of the time, she doesn’t wants to buy the toy, she just wants to play with them on the spot! I think if we bought that, she will demand us to unpack it and let her play with it on the spot!
- oh dear …. The promoter really did that to your boy ah? So unprofessional leh! If they were not meant for kids to touch then seal the toy with glass penal lah, gosh!! At least she should have talk nicely and not snatch back just like that …. No wonder she is still a promoter :( :( If I were you, I will be quite mad too …..

2ma, Wow …. Shan leo gets to choose his own meal with fries already ah? He must be very happy whenever he go out with you all :) I love fries too but if Angel tag along, we try to minimize going to fast food restaurant :)

Yugene, Angel will wait patiently when she knows it’s meal time coz at home, we will not let her out from her high chair unless she finish off her meal ;)

Linda, you have a very obedient girl there from what I can see :) Angel also seldom wants me to buy things and so far never asked us to get things for her too but she just wants to stay there and look at those toys …….
- hahaha …. You bribe your girl with sweets ah? And it works? I can’t use that trick coz I haven’t introduce sweets to Angel yet. Normally when we bribe her with biscuits, she will listen but when it comes to toys, she won’t want anything else!!
- the ‘ you stay here, papa and mama going home’ tactic didn’t work on Angel yet leh. Last time I use to tell her if she don’t want to follow mommy, you will have to stay there while daddy and mommy is going home, guess what, she happily wave bye bye to us and left *slap forhead*
- yes, she is an active baby since she was born, everyone who saw us will call her ‘mou-si-teng’ (means kids constantly on the move) coz she just will move move and move non stop!

Hweili, Guess what … Angel go shopping with us at least once a week too coz wherever we go, she gets to tag along since no one helps to look after her. She will tag along with us since she was 1 month old but still …. She don’t really behave when she was out. Someone once told me maybe I bring her out TOO OFTEN, kekekeke :)

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, Angel only starts posing for me this month …. So maybe you just need to wait a little longer :)
- ya …. I am amazed that she actually knows the word BAD GIRL coz normally I would just say that, “Don’t be a bad girl today ya, hold mommy' ……” and she just pick those 2 words out from there!

Serene, Ya …. That’s what hubby says too, don’t let her see the toy department but sometimes, her eyes is sharper then the eagle leh! So most of the time if we still go the strength, we will still expose her to the toy department and hopefully slowly train her from there coz it’s impossible to avoid that all the time, oh …. Wish me luck!

Joanne, hahaha ….. actually this is not the first time Angel is wearing a dress, she will dress up like that and with her hair tie up in 2 ponny tail every weekend we go out …. Maybe I seldom post her picture during our outing (coz too much picture to sort out and take a long time for me to just pick few pictures out of the bunch) so normally I didn’t blog about it lo :P Now that you’ve asked and I only realized that I really didn’t post a single picture of Angel in a dress leh ….. kekekeke ….. so sorry! :P :P
- yes, normally when she is waiting, she will do like that if the food is getting too long to arrived :) The next thing, she would get uneasy and wanted to get down from her high chair :)
- nope, the pictures was using my digital camera. I will bring my digital camera out whenever we go shopping and I will snap picture whenever I have the opportunity to :)

Esmeralda said...

Oh ya.. forgot to comment onher cute expressions while waiting for her food. She really know 'what-to-do' when the food is coming late? Clever girl... She often do like that when the food came late?

Esmeralda said...

Yeah.. I guess I have to wait lor... :)

Wonderful Life said...

Haha... my Ryan also like that! Refused to leave and we have to scoop him away meanwhile he'll struggle to get down and walk back again.

Now scared to bring him to toys section!!

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, thanks for your kind words :) Normally her food will arrive fast so this is the first time she act like that :)

Doreen, scoop him away from the toys sections? Hahahahahaha …. Looks like we have the same kid there leh. We will also avoid the toys section if possible but sometimes, we will let her to play there too and be prepared to do some exercises after that too la :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Like that time post more pics that Angel wear like that. She looked so adorable.
Recently, I also like to tie Sarah with two pony tails instead of one. I noticed she will looked more cute with it. Hehe.

For me, I seldom bring along my camera for outing. I am afraid it will lost coz I have thousand of things inside my big bag. So when I try to dig out one thing, afraid that the camera will drop out at the same time.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, oh really?? Can't wait to see Sarah with the 2 pony tails :) Must be very very cute!!

Ya ... I am afraid that I will lost the camera too but sometimes I will miss those moments which Angel is doing something funny so no choice lo. Then if I am in Bangkok I am not that worried coz basically there is safer and not many thieves or snatch thieves and everybody is holding a camera basically :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So ngam, I did took some pic that Sarah tied the two pony tails. I will post the photos later in my blog.

It is so good that in Thailand is more safer...At least when we are shopping, we have less worries.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, ya .... Bangkok is such a safe city compare to KL from what I can see despite some political issues which doesn't really affected us living here actually :) Really so much different from what I have expected really ..... :)

Oh really? Can't wait to see cute Sarah's picture then :)