Friday, September 26, 2008

18 months old

Wow …. Angel is 1 ½ years old today, time really flies. At 18 months old, she is 2cm taller (79cm) then last month (25-50 percentile of height) and also a hefty 11.4 kg (50-75 percentile of weight) toddler still. I have been controlling her milk and solid intake recently since I do not what to overfed her. She is having 10 oz of milk still per feeding 3 times a day and also 2 - 3 times solid food. Apart from that, as I had started introducing the boil sweet soup and other ‘Chinese style’ boiled fruit juices to her, she has began to accept the very diluted and unsweetened fresh fruit juices and would drink them on a daily basis which I am very please of. She used to reject water totally which caused me a real headache but looking at her progress at the moment, I hope I am able to coax her to drink those plain water soon :)

She still taking 1 nap in the day but at night, she does not want to go to bed until at least 10pm -11pm and still wakes up very early in the morning. She does not afraid of strangers anymore and would hug or kiss anyone if asked. She loves kids and babies a lot. She will approach them if she sees one and even hug and kiss them until the other baby cries LoL. She still loves hugging daddy and mommy everyday and basically, I have turned into her ‘mattress’ before she goes to sleep at night where she would lie down on my chest and move her head, her legs and arms, smiling at me, kicking around, etc until she dozed off.

Barney is still her favourite cartoon character and also, her favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and would cry If I sing other songs to her. She just wants to hear this particular song from mommy :( :( She starts learning to pronounce some words recently but still, not very accurately but I am glad that at least, she tired. Still, she refused to call Papa and will call her Daddy “mama” whenever she was asked LoL, Her potty training has stopped totally now and she refuses to sit on her potty lately. So I think I will stopped her for the moment being and retrain her again when she is more ready. She has got her MMR and JE injections and will have another 2 shots next month. She has 8 teeth still but I think 1 more is on its way. Angel also has grown closer and more attached to her Daddy lately because she gets to see her Daddy more often now. Although she is still as naughty as ever but I am glad that she is growing up happy and well :)

Well, tonight I really ought to think of something special to do with Hubby and Angel since it’s Angel’s 1 ½ years old special day and also a Friday night, YIPPIE!!! Have a great weekend everyone :) :)


Contentedmom said...

wow..angel is just a nice size..i think i have overfed Ethan...he is 16 months old....12kg and 83cm...perhaps should start cutting back on his cheese intake..:)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow~ her weight is just nice enough~

Serene said...

Wah.. Angel is being well fed by mummy!! I'm so envy her weight la..

the little prince said...

Feel touching after reading mummy angel story about her development, sound so easy but mummy put lots of effort in bring up sure angel will feel the same too when she know to read next time. Great Mummy!!

Hi Angel, Happy 18 Months!

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 18 Months, Angel!! Wow...time flies right. :P Angel is well fed by mommy and I think she is not picky with her food hor. She is going to beat Gwen's weight anytime soon..haha
Mommy sacrificed alot so here *a pat on the back* from me..haha..WELL DONE!

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 18 months old!!

Well controlled weight! Compared to my Ryan... 10kg at 10 months... err, perhaps over fed?? But he only drinks 4-5 oz milk.

So, must be the porridge is the culprit??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So, her potty training has stopped now? Is ok..continue when she is more ready.

I think should bring her to see Sarah, coz I wanna see how she hug and kiss her till Sarah cry..hehe

MeRy said...

Happy 18 months to baby Angel.

Esmeralda said...

Happy 1 1/2 yrs old to bb Angel.. :) Wow.. she still drink 10oz per feeding ya? But I don't see that in her weight lar... Where hv all the feedings gone? Hehe... If Ashton were to drink 10oz per feeding, I can't imagine how "balloon" he can be.. Even now wid only 5-6oz per feeding he is also above average..

agnes said...

wow.. another milestone achieved for angel!!! 18 mth is surely memorable ya..

Julie said...

Angel is drinking 10oz per feeding? What milk are you giving her? Jonathan is on Wyeth Promil and the feeding guide says 6oz for 3 spoonful. Nowadays my mil say he demanded for more. I dunno if I should increase.

MommyAngel said...

Hi Irene, Ethan is heavier because he is a boy and also he is so tall! Glad that you boy love cheese because I love cheese a lot too :)

Hi Peiwun, thanks :)

Hi Serene, no need to envy la, I think Xixi looks ok. BTW, what is her weight now? She looks chubby to me :)

Hi Yugene, wah .... so touched by what you said leh, thanks you so much :)

Hi Mummy Gwen, really touched and thank you :) My Angel is not that picky in terms of food because she is still young, wait till she is older and we will see :) :)

Hi Doreen, I think bb Ryan is very well fed and eat like a king (as you've mention in you blog), hehehe .... don't worried about his weight as the most important thing for babies now is a good nutrition rather then a nice body :P Kids just looks so cute to have those lotus legs and hands, don't you think so?

Hi Joanne, Yes ... I stopped her potty training now coz I see we are heading no where for the moment being. I will try again maybe next month :) Sure .... I will bring her to see Sarah if possible ya :)

Mery, thank ya :)

Hi Esmeralda, Ashton is above average in terms of his height and not the weight I guess coz I can see that he is just the right size and very tall, how nice :) I can see that he will grow up to be a tall and handsome boy in the future and mommy look out!!!! :P

Hi Agnes, yes ... 18th month is surely a memorable one because I am half way to the 2 ..... can't wait :)

Hi Julie, My Angel is taking Karihome Goat Milk Formula at the moment and I am quite please with the formula so far (although not the price :( ). I think whether to increase Jonathan's milk is really a personal thing, I think the best person to ask is mommy because mommy always know best whether our baby is growing ok or overfed based on the monthly records, etc. Sometimes I think increasing by 1 oz or 2 oz max will do no harm then seeing our baby crying for hunger, right? Unless you are willing to feed him water or something else such as fruits after his milk if he cries. Just my 2 cents :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said... are always welcome to bring Angel to see Sarah. They both can be fren.