Friday, August 27, 2010

Angel the 姐姐 (1)

She has become a big sister now. Annabelle's existence doesn’t border her much although sometimes she does show some jealousy for knowing that she has to share daddy, mommy and grandma (who wanna be left out and share when it comes to love but I will share this in a separate post), but as long as we demonstrated that we still love her as much, she seems to be settling well and welcoming her little baby sister with open arms and always looking at her baby sister and exclaim, “Oh ...... Look!!! Baby so CUTE ~~~!!” :). She would even peep at us and steal the moment to ‘kiss’ her little sister on the mouth when she knew that we weren’t watching :) *sweet sweet*


Before the arrival of Annabelle

Whenever she saw me out of the house, she would asked,

Angel: Mommy now go (to) see doctor and take the baby out???
Mommy: No No ...... not yet. *laugh* Do you know how the doctor take the baby out?

Angel: Like this ~~ *showing me some hands movement* Doctor cut open mommy’s tummy, take the baby out ...... and then close the tummy, like that!
Mommy: Oh ...... I see, how clever! So you like Mei-Mei or not?

Angel: Yes ...... Baby Mei Mei so cute! I am Angel Jie-Jie!
Mommy: Yes, you will be Jie-Jie, a big Jie-Jie soon so you must take care of baby ya ^_^

Angel: OK Mommy *smile*

^ ^ Preparing Angel for her baby sister before baby was born. She would tag along whenever I am visiting the labouring ward and she would look at other mommy’s baby in the nursery room refusing to leave :)


After the arrival of Annabelle - hospital

During my hospital stay, Angel came for a visit and boy, I missed her so much! When she saw me lying on the bed, she come over to hold my hand, looking at me with a very gentle and caring look on her face and asked,

Angel: Mommy ...... 你痛痛 (are you in pain)?
Mommy: Yes ...... Mommy 痛痛.

Angel: Ohhh ...... Poor Mommy ...... *stroking my hand* Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll help. (*she always says that she’ll help whenever she feels sorry for someone :P*)
Mommy: How will you help mommy?

Angel: Angel will give mommy a Surprise Party. Surprise party will make (mommy) happy. *smile*
Mommy: A surprise party??? *wondering*

And she gave me a gentle hug and kisses on my hand. She can be a very gentle and caring little girl at times ...... ^_^ but 10 minutes later, she is up and running in the entire laboring ward already.

^ ^ My little Angel pays me a visit in the hospital ward :)

And when she first saw Annabelle being wheeled into the room, she kept looking at her and say nothing until we told her that Annabelle is the baby inside mommy’s tummy all these while.

She dare not hold her and touched her at first until we encouraged her showing that it’s ok, then she gently touched Annabelle’s cheek for the very first time and say “Oh ...... Baby so cute!!!” ^_^


After the arrival of Annabelle – at home

At home, she is a great helper too (sometime :P :P) ...... She would help me to grab baby’s hanky and entertain baby whenever I am busy with other stuffs. And whenever she heard the baby’s crying upstairs, she would used her all mighty voice and call for my confinement lady who is always in the kitchen downstairs and say,

Angel: AUNTIE ~~~~ BABY IS CRYING ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or when the baby is crying inside her cradle, she will shout out loud to grandma

Angel: AH MAHHHHH ~~~~ BABY IS CRYING! 摇 BABY ah!!!!!! (rock the baby)

Kekekekeke …… I do not need an expensive baby monitor to alert all of us of baby’s crying, do I??? *smile*


MeRy said...

Angel is a kind and lovely Jie Jie....both the girls are so cute...


Are you back to Shanghai or still at KK??

ChloeRuoyi said...

Angel is such a sweetie! I'm sure she'll be a very good and caring jie-jie in the days and years to come :)

UmmiRosma said...

Angel is a lovely sissy to her adorable lil sister. How are you?

Mommy to Chumsy said... nice to see photos of Angel. I was wondering how she is just a few days ago when I dropped by your blog :) glad to hear that she is such a good jie jie :)

Oliveoylz said...

You are blessed to have such an angel of a big sister! Angel's doing great in her new role!

Mummy Gwen said...

Angel has grown up so much and she has become sooo sweet and understanding. I'm sure she loves her baby sister very much. :)

Take care to you and family.

Linda said...

Cute little Angel... so caring and helpful.

The Play School said...

Congratulations to your new addition :)

I was blog hopping and found myself here. Would like to invite u to join our giveaway

Hope to see you there! :)

CathJ said...

she is soo cute... such an angel indeed... ;)

so.. any party for mummy from Angel?? hihihi..

Irene said...

hey, congrats on your newborn baby. sorry this came late. not been blog hopping a lot! good to know u have a super baby monitor at home aka jiejie. hehehe! take care

Julie said...

Same with Jonathan. He is my little helper at home. :P

the little prince said...

Angel certainly confirmed as Big Big Jie Jie!! :-)

prince n princess mum said...

Such a considerable and helpful jie jie...

coffeesncookies said...

Angel will be a good tai kar cheh.. Annabelle is a blessed baby..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Caroline, how are you getting on?

Yeah, I think you do not need baby monitor, coz you already got "Angel cum bb monitor":-)

Anyway Angel is indeed a sweet and caring jie jie. Mommy now can "fang xin".

BoeyJoey said...

Angel is such a wonderful jiejie! And a gem of a daughter... so "sang seng" :-D

Health Freak Mommy said...

Angel sounds like a very caring and loving jie jie. I'm sure she'll turn out to be a very good jie jie. Most girls who are #1 are really good jie jies, just like my #1 :)

Alice Law said...

Such a thoughtful and caring little angel, you have given her a very suitable name!;) I'm so proud of her!

Have a nice day!

Mummy Moon said...

Angel is such a good helper at home. She will be a good jie jie!