Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little Miss “No No”

Angel is marching into another phase of childhood development lately, from our little baby who is always so obedient and never show any signs of disagreements towards Mommy/ Daddy 'most' of the time ……… to this little Miss “No No” all the time.

Mommy : Angel, please pick up your toys.
Angel : No, No! (while turning her face around with her back facing us!)

Mommy: Angel, come here and let mommy wash your bottom.
Angel: No, No! (ran away as quickly as possible.)

Mommy: Angel, opened up your mouth.
Angel: No, No! (Shake her head and close her mouth tide with both hands.)

Daddy: Angel, give the remote control back to Daddy.
Angel: No, No! (hide the remote control at her back.)

Daddy: Angel! Don’t climb up the chair, it’s dangerous!
Angel: No, No! (climb even higher and faster ….)

Mommy and Daddy: Angel!!!! come back here …..!!!!!
Angel: No, No, No, No! ….. (ran away even faster ………)

Mommy: Angel ….

Angel: No! No! No! No!! ………………..

So most of the time, I will be repeating the same old phrase again and again asking her not to do this, not to do that but yet, she still does it!! When we asked her to do / not to do something, she will surely do the opposites as if she does that on purpose so to taste our limits. Hubby asked me not to waste my time and energy talking to her anymore because it doesn’t work on her (I really had a sore throat talking nicely to her and then raising my voice to her lately) and asked me to take out
our little magic cane instead! Hubby and I are not really into the canning idea so just by showing our ‘magic cane’ to her (hitting on the table a few times) really makes her listen to us for a moment. Yeah …. No wonder those Judges in Court have to do that with their hammer too.

I really do not know how long will this little Miss “No No” thing last but at the mean time, I really need to prepare myself for her terrible 2 stage which will be very soon. I think for my next shopping trip, I need to stock up more on my Strepsils Lozenges rather then her diapers!!!!


the little prince said...


both the book author : MARGOT SUNDERLAND

Please hold on to your 'cane' strategy cos I sayang little Angel la...:-)

MommyAngel said...

Hi Yugene, hahaha .... my bad here about the misunderstanding!! Actually when I write 'by showing Angel our magic can' ... I really mean 'SHOWING' as if letting her to 'SEE' la, hahahaha ..... should have rephrase the sentence properly :) I do not have the heart to cane her still ....... maybe that's why Angel are not really afraid of the cane but instead, she wants me to chase her with it @~@

Thanks for the recommendation of the book too. I will see whether I can find it :)

MommyAngel said...
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Ping said...

Wah! Your Little Angel same as Natalie. Natalie is Miss NO NO NO but i didn't blog up this topic ;p
Natalie situation is same as Little Angel so each time she say NO i will say YES hahaha!

nicole said...

Jessica also very notty if i call her go bathing, she runaway
otherwise if she taking bath , will stay very long inside the bathroom, i call her come out, its enough, she also refuse come out.

agnes said...

hahaa.. guess 'No' is the common word they use when first started to talk.. same goes to Chloe months earlier and she can express her feeling and tell us what she wants now instead of 'No No'.. ;)

good start Angel!!! but it's really funny lah..

Wonderful Life said...
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Wonderful Life said...

I think this is a common stage which kids will go thru.

The two years old going to be 3 soon boy at my hse also like that. Everything and the first word come out from his mouth also say "Bu Yau",(NO) first! And this fella... must use cane to scare him otherwise he'll be very stubborn and rebellious!

I think my Ryan is going to go thru this stage pretty soon... as he started to push things away and scream out loud whenever he doesn't feel like it!! *sigh*

Esmeralda said...

But she looks so cute with her 'attitude' Caroline.. *lol* Sorry.. wasn't meant to laugh at you. Just couldn't stand how cute she is! I think that's kids... there will always be the bad side of them.. always... as for Ashton, he loves throwing tantrum if he doesn't like it.. He likes to 'sweep' all of my things from the table if he feels like that..

Cath J said...

LOL...LOL...Yeah I been there also my fren.. Yesterday I was shopping with my son, I stop 1 corner to buy this 'strepsils' for throat..suddenly he say.. no..no..put back! put back.. spicy!!He instruct me!...OMG! He say exactly the same way how I alwyas talk to him..

MommyAngel said...

YenPing, I think all kids went through this phrase hor ….. No No No, sigh!! How come they never say yes leh?

Nicole, oh … same here with Angel, everytime so hard to get her to bath but once got into the water, refused to come out :( Normally hubby has to go and carry her out because she is more afraid of Daddy :)

Agnes, hahaha … but somehow, I don’t think that Angel is showing that she doesn’t like / don’t want leh ….. it’s more like she is saying that on purpose and test our limits. Sometimes asking her to eat her lunch she will also say “no no” then run away but then I put her lunch away, she will come crying asking me to give her her meals :( When she says no no, she will do exactly like the picture (heads up) and shaking her head leh :( I also do not know whether to get angry or to laugh most of the time.

Doreen, ya … I also think that every kids went through this stage but oh no ….. will last until almost 3 ah??? Sometimes as much as we don’t want to but the cane (canning on the table a few times) really helps us a lot leh …. It’s just like magic, Angel will obediently let us bath / changed her diapers then ask for the cane so that she could play with it LoL But at least at this moment, your Ryan is showing his dislike and not do that on purpose as to test your limits which Angel is doing now.

Esmeralda, hahaha ….. cute ah? Maybe I will think it’s cute when I am not the one to deal with her la, hahaha …… well, I try not to see that as a bad side la, just a growing phase that we all went through but sometimes when I am busy or have something important to settle, that really tested on my limits too, sigh!! Really wish I have more time and patience to ‘play’ along with her mischief leh :( :( Oh, Ashton sweep all things from the table when he is angry too?? Angel does that too but this one I cannot tolerant leh …. How do you handle his situation? Normally, I’ll just give her a warning and if she still does that, I just make my poor Angel stand at the corner and asked her to pick all the things that’s she’s swept on the floor form the table! Kids …. But at the mean time, I just enjoy the ‘fun’ of our little Miss No No lo :P

Cath, hahaha … I am joining the ‘club’ now. Hahaha …. Your son really is so funny lah, they are very good in mimic adults actions leh, don’t they?? So from this moment onwards, really have to be very careful in our actions and the way we talk to them ….. your son is playing “mummy” with you leh, LoL. Have fun!!! BTW, have he ever asked asked you to pick up his toys in your tone yet???

Esmeralda said...

I wished I can 'punish' Ashton by asking him to stand at the corner... If I asked him to, he will just ignore me. Maybe he still doesn't understand.

When he sweep the things from the table, I'll of coz, use my 'magic rubber' and hit him once, then explain to him why am I hitting him. Of coz, sometimes he won't listen to. Kids will always be kids. We just have to be patient.

Julie said...

As the kids start to express themselves, it's time to be little strict to them. I just bought a feather duster just in case I need it. :P

Serene said...

I also tak boleh tahan Xixi recently, she also keep telling "No" or "Bu Yao". But sometimes i feel funny too, bcos she doesnt know how to say "Yes" wor.. so even we offer her something she really want, she also say "No".. haha..

quEeNie said...

I aso cannot stand it when Chloe knows how to say "no" but at the same time feel funny too...

Joanne ~ said...

Last time my elder gal ok wor, she seldom said No or Bu Yau, i think she more Kuai and follow daddy or mummy order, hehe... Not sure my En2 will act like Angel one day or not, haha...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sometimes I also shouted at Sarah till getting throat pain.

Angel knows how to say NO now?

Anyway, I got an award for you

Natalia said...

Haha...new title for Angel - Miss No No...
Now I'm Madam No No to little Daniel...he likes to grab my mom's precious vases or crawl to forbidden places...and I've to scream NO No to him...

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, hahaha …. Understandable because Angel was like that too …. But I really scold her so loud and I guess she gets my meaning now :) Ya … guess we have to slowing letting them know what is good and what is bad coz they were just babies, don’t expect them to know the right from wrong :) We together ‘add oil’ ya :)

Julie, hahaha …. Trust me, the feather duster will be very useful in giving them a warning sign.

Serene, hahaha …. Same here. Sometimes I also feels funny when Angel keep shaking her head / nodding her head. So me and hubby will start asking her a lot of funny questions, we had a good laugh :)

Queenie, ya lor … I feels funny sometimes too but of course not when I am rushing for things la :) Kids always bring so much joy to us la :)

Joanne, really?? Wah wah wah …. Then you are so lucky leh coz she is so kuai ….. I think En En will be the same too :) Oh …. Really admire you la :)

JT, Yes …. Actually she knows how to say no when she was younger but then, that time she really means no for no ….. but now she is like doing purposely to test mommy’s limits ….. everything also no and run away and wants us to catch her, I think she enjoys doing that though ….. but couldn’t understand why. Maybe she need attention from us more????

Natalia, Yes, she is our little Miss No No for now :) Hahaha …. Actually you reminded me that I am a Madam No No too …. I think I have been this Madam No No since Angel starts to walk and grab things ….. you are so right, I have been shouting NO at her like 10-20 times per day minimum everyday, oh …… now I know where she learned her no no finally – me!!! :)

Esmeralda said...

Yup.. sometimes I wonder the person staying above us, and below us might be thinking I'm crazy to shout so loud!

Yes... "add oil" ya..

So, coming back for CNY?

MommyAngel said...

Esmeralda, hahaha ... me too and I hope they will not knock on my door and ask me to keep my volume low la coz I have been 'trying my very best' not to raise my voice but .... sigh! Can manage to keep it down for even half day :P

For CNY don't know will be back or not ..... still waiting hubby's confirmation.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...Maybe Angel enjoy playing chasing game with mommy...

MommyAngel said...

JT, hahaha ... I think so :P